Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Food.

Well, this entry is so gonna be a photos post!
I will have all the recent photos, hmm..more like random photos posted 

Some people just don't like to read entry with words and therefore, I had my time clicking on my PICASA to make all the photos taken via my phone look better.

Hehe... here we go!

First, it will be my ACT CUTE shot.

Having this color lens make my eyes pretty not comfy even thou it's damn pretty! =/ 

Jeh and I act cute during wedding dinner.

The dinner was pretty boring, that's why acting cute again..

Makan Beefball noodles @ K.L

Eigen drove all the way down to K.l to enjoy beefball noodles from 
Soong Kee with Melia babe...Nyoom, best sekali!

The sky last week was pretty weird.
The sky later @ night. I still feel weird..haha

It was a random shot while i was otw home from K.Damansara and otw home 
after Paranormal activity marathon @ melia's house.
Later that day, I went to OUG Pasar MLM..I smell foooods!

Asam Laksa and it's yummy!

Before Asam Laksa, My bro and I gotta Taste the best snack ever!

Can you see the people queuing just for that snack?

 Guess wat?
It's Stinky Tou Fu A.K.A CHAO TAO FU

 It's too yummy, but not as stink as the one i first tried in K.L
nyoom...still... best with the chilies sauce and cabbage.
The day after, went to Korean Restaurant with classmates, 
managed to snap photos..haha

CORN TEA-I kinda like it

Kimchi SOUP! Yumm yummm (:

Side dishes and the main one in the middle.

Korean Chopstick and spoon. pretty long and fine


Korean fried sticky rice cake. not bad thou

Steamed Eggs..nyooom

Arggh..all these foods are just too good..
isn't it good to be a human?..hahaa

Here come the end, the next entry is definitely for the Aladdin Musical as I'm
so looking forward to it. Yay!!
and Taylor swift loves baking for this winter season!! http://instagr.am/p/WbeEV/


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