Friday, October 17, 2008

Random =)

Listening to nickelback's gotta be somebody

hee...just came back from yum cha not long..
taken my shower..
I was able to WATCH my LOVELY series---
GOssip GIrl...xoxo!

Pretty nice la...
Just love seeing Serena and Blair...

Isn't Friendship the most valuable thing
that u can have with someone u don't know till
u actually know?...
WHOEVER doesn't watch Gossip Girl..
u should fill up your time with it..=)
cause it is pretty awesome to
watch this kinda of series...

Tell me things that i can do
during this Freaking BLardy long Sem Break.
i Can't allow myself to rot at home wan lor..
i would eventually have headache every single day
by facing the laptop and doing useless
things at home..=(

i LOVE this song to da max..
Hot N Cold by Katy Perry =D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Being Confused.

Listening to jay's Ai Wo Bie Zhou (Don't leave, if u love me)

finally, it has come to an end.
I have no longer need to go to coll for like
ermm...freaking 1 and the half months
I guess, my tuition fee was paid for

Followed ling to mayang right after my last paper,
i was the first person to leave the room..=)
kinda proud of it though..:P
mm...the night is still DAMN young~~
gonna spend my time with my
Galfrens tonight..=)
hope that the time can walk slower
so that, i can gossip more...lala~

Brain is full of rubbish these days,
nothing useful there...
i guess i need a TRIP...
whatever that can refersh my stupid dumbo

Mmm...i think exam is the
reason why i didn't really put up
some posts here...=D
been very confused with everything..
lazee to do other things..thats bad...
quite tiring keep thinking about the
same old stuffs..which
i haven't gotten a Correct way
to solve them .. beh stupid la me..

I think i'm the rare species of human
in this world...
frens also started to get confused bcoz of
my weird thinking..haha

Quite torturing lor..
always got the feelings, but
dont know what exactly it is..
damn duh!
wanna blurt it out but
dont know where shud i start..ehhe

Mmm...mayb thats the matter of time...
shud be la...hehe
or I'm thinking too much...

million days since i last sighed...hehe
ok la..done
blog coz I wanna say it out..
thats doesn't help any though..
that annoying feeling is still there..
Blardy hell~

good luck to PMR babiess =)
p/s: dont ever cry cause you can't do it, doesn't worth at all
and the exam doesn't deserve your tears.

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