Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hot and spicy..=D

"After all that we've been throughI know we're cool"--gwen stefani's cool
During tis Wuliao hols...i found myself spending most of my free time on checking out hot celebrities on google...lool..i cant help myself from getting acttracted by sexy guys with nice body and sexy back..mayb i spend too much time chatting with khy in now i become more horny than usual..."P

another reason is i hardly find guy with sexy body in malaysia, cant even get one in sch...haha
tis make me think of xian long's too bad dat he doesnt look charming so erm...too bad la..=)
and oso, i always find lala zai most of da time wheerever it is...theres always quite a number of lala zai who trying to act cool or cute...eeww, they disgust me..><
guys always act cute especially those camwhorer...omg
dats so not cool.."P

camwhorer aint attractive....they tot so they are photogenic so they love seeing themselve in camera and post it up...haha
dat seems so wrong, unless u got a ssexy body then it would be much better..=)

his body is so freaking nice, his six pack abs is awesome..=)

chris evans is kinda perfect, his eyes can melt ur heart.

lee hom is perfectly fine, his charm is da reason why evry girl is so crazee over him including me..=)

he is ome of lost's character and he is da most leng zai among all...=D
kitt..he's got blue eyes=)

he is a korean, ain't he juz charmin??

gosh...orlando bloom
he is sexy=D

always not to leave out, the hottest-wentworth miller...=D

last but not least...the good looking adam levine from
my fav band maroon5..heee

music groups below were created to attract young and naive girls..
take a look with their hairstyle and evrything from top to their body...
eeeww..dats not attractive nor charming...=D

they are from taiwan...

tis music group is from korea..=)

hee.....gotta stop dreaming of hot guys...


Friday, August 24, 2007


somehow lonely is juz a word to describe when u are not with anyone...
dat kind of feeling isnt good..but i feel lik being lik tis most of da time..
wats wrong with me??..

when im sick..
im da only one who taking care of one else..parent wont care much unless its very serious....

when im having exam...
parent dont even noe wats goin on with my studiess...they will juz c da result after evrything and give lotsa comments...

when i need money...
parent wont automatically pay me monthly tuition fee...i gotta ask them and c their "pretty face"
they would juz argue over money when i ask for is like im da culprit towards this issue...

when i was in primary sch..
...ever since i've entered standard 3, i walked home evry single day...*short distance*
and my dad have nvr picked me up unless i give him a call ever since standard 3...i dont blame them..but i feel lonely.
somtimes, i juz envy my frens...their parent would juz wait for them after sch right outside sch gate without making a call...*mayb a surprise*
for me..i will nvr have these things in my life again...

when i wanna go out...
my transport is always public transport...
its freaking hard to have a ride from my parent...
i think so is bcoz..they are too bz..
taking bus alone, taking lrt alone...its juz lonely..
i always dream to have a driver with BMW since i was small...

when i was in hospital bcoz of DENGGI..
i got thru my 2 nights in hospital all alone...
my parents and sibling only came to pay me a visit and
feed me fruits..=)

when i nid a glasses...
my mum would say...dats for ur eyes...go do ur glasses by urself..
and i gotta pay for it...
aiks...its bad da only one who wear spec in my family..and
bcoz of tis...i always get teased by my bro... one understands how i feel....=X

its aint dat bad...becoz
i learn to be independent...and not a princess dat always seek for others' protection anymore..
i nvr blame and nvr ask why..becoz i noe it makes me who i am now..

credits to melinda...i lik tis pic=)



Have you ever witness a tear dropped from your parent?

Have you ever mad at your parent because of your stubbornness?

Have you ever realised what on earth goes wrong with you?

Have you ever make nonsense in front of your younger ones just because of your jealousy?

Have you ever argue with you siblings or even you parent over their possessions?

Have you ever come across this kind of person?

Indeed, i met happened often...

Why is this happening all the times?

Why can't we just settle down and have a better peace?

Is this what we have to go through in our life?

But why?

I just don't understand why people can't stop their stubbornness and just let the things goes..i just loathe them...

If I've given the chance..I would choose to live in a far away land..away from all this bloody nonsense that affects our mood..a peaceful land..mind you..not the LOTUS EATER...
p/s: sry i cant post the "catwalk" video as there's problem uploading with youtube and photobucket...


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

vietnam kitchen...syok

hols is goin juz fine to me...
ntg much i have to do except study...
well...goin out is much important...=)
i've back to my lovely cinema..."one u GSC"
went there to catch up a very very "new" movie...transformer...its juz crazee
dat it was fully booked when i wanted to do reservation online...ppl are crazee...
haha...we are'nt da only outdated one...

we had our lunch in"VIETNAM KITCHEN"

i have to say dat da restaurant is pretty romantic...
and the food was indeed delicious...muacka..
so we did take some pictures..=)

time to order..

while we were waiting for da food..

i like the lights...romantic right??

im hungriess..

a pink rose...

our food..

kitt's beef ball ho fan..

my vietname style ho fan...

our chinese

lou bou tau foo fah...girls' favourite

she can laugh non stop...especially when we mentioned her bro.

just love it...

its end of da post..

aiks..gotta do some studies...lik wat khy always say when he is about to go off 9


Monday, August 20, 2007

Victoria Institute Scout Campfire.

...Went to the VI school campfire on the last Saturday night..I have to admit that this is the best among all so far..not to say the best..just that the previous campfire (other school) was a little bad.. VI school campfire actually provides us good service, we had "tour guide", and they brought us that we don't need to walk all the way and potong stim on the half way of the performances..

okay, I'll just let the pictures taken first as our talking to that place..

Went there by LRT..from Taman Bahagia to Masjid Jamek..Later we switched from LRT to STAR..from Masjid Jamek to Hang was fun in the railway station i guess??we had a free trip on the LRT too..hahha..thx to our Princess Fiona aka Huey-Ee for providing us the pass..later when i reached dad told me that we can use that pass for STAR too..=\..ah ha..nvm..

finally we reaches Hang Tuah...the view there just so cool..on the way we can see KL Tower, KLCC and the stadium Merdeka was located next to VI school..I wondered if they can have free show whenever there's something on in the Stadium Merdeka..

Guess what Khy Li?? I noticed something in common between WaiYan and EeLing..haha.. You get what i mean right..loool..The walkway to VI school..almost there....

Me posing with the VI wall clock??yeah..means we reached the school..The view from my sit..the tallest building in their school...another clock wall..this time there's more than one clock there..(sry for the bad picture)

Camwhore session..

With YongMing and HuiXian.
With HuiXian.My APL, CheeKong..he likes wearing that green colour Canto, Tai Luk Mou..(wear green hat)..which means Ur wife got another man...HuiXian do looks serious here..=]As I mentioned just now..they had tour guide..they guided us around their school..their football field is freaking big..and their school had those running track on their field leh..this is their Scout's Den..double-storey like tree eh..the place is too dark..bad picture again...

In the dark of the night...finally the campfire about to start..

Opening of the Campfire..i think this guy is one of the TL..he was about to lead the senior old man scout for the opening ceremony of the campfire..Wood smoke rises gently upwards..The Emcee, Anwar if not mistaken..I quite pity him for his running here and there..they should have a "runner" for all the procedures..=] seems that those people sitting on top there were enjoying too..The performances..CheeKong got so high during the singing performance, he sang so loud till other people could heard what he's up to..Their supportive fans..hahahThis was how CheeKong react when they MC announced "game time"....and the game need 5 guys and 5 girls....the girls suppose to use the tissue, rubber band, newspaper to dress up the guys like a model..*ahem*..model?? after dressing up, they have to perform their catwalk..17th PJ..HuiXian..your friend???hahhahahahThe MC..walking here and assistants..really one-man show..=]This gay..eiu..i felt disgusted whenever i see his catwalk..non-stop squeezing the boobs..trying to get attention arh..but yeah..he got what he wants..The place..after the game..was quite dirty though..but we, the scouts, obeyed the scout's LAW and cleaned the place =P

The next performance by drummer..really good at the wonder their school BAND so famous..Finally we're about to leave the place...we didn't manage to wait for the last performance as they said it's a best among all because the LRT and STAR will not wait for you...and so the end of our visit to VI school..

p/s: i'll be posting up the catwalk video by CheeKong, SeckHoung, WengTat, KahHoo, and Yong Ming for the next there's a little prob with the uploading..


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