Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Shot: Days With Darling Melia!! body isn't that red by now..
thanks to Chinese tea and my late dinner..hahaha
Had So much Fun with my babe, melia...she ROxxx lar..

So sorry bout my Curfew thingy, kinda POTONG!!
hehe..but it was damn awesome...
luckily dad wasn't at home,
if not i will be questioned by him cause of my red body..
haha..I WAsn't drunk kay!!!
hehe..thanks alot for ur ride edwin..=)
So kind of u and ur baby jiun...hehe
thanks Khy as well :P

before i continue with tonight's outing
i shall post the other outing with melia..hehe
melia can BLA~~ alot..ehee

taken at aman suria's KAYU..
lol...our second venue of yum cha
of da night..=)

of dear foong ling
was there =]

We moved on to Jaya 1's old town
as our 3rd venue of yum cha..
lool..Jethro joined us..hehe actually
he was the one who drive ^^

Don't deceive by jet's face..
he is actually DAMN horny!!!

The next day of yum cha...We went SP for POOL!!
sorry la..doesn't have a pic of playing pool..
but we managed to camwhore in
the fitting room of Forever 21.

Hee..time for tonight's

I went out earlier with wing chung to yum cha..
like months we din see each other...
kah hoo, jasper and melia joined us=]

but no PICS!!...

ahaha..after that yum cha we went
TTDI plaza for melia's fren, Darren's Bday party..=D

We met some cute guys .=)


Silly melia took pic
without flash ON@.@

Melia's black LAbel..

My whisky..Thats why
i was So Red..lool

hehe...Here i wanna thanks Edwin..
Being so kind to Pak toR at TTDI
hehe..really appreaciate..
ANd of Coz... Mu st thanks to

And also
Nicholas for being So nice..
to wait at Ou and fetch melia and I home.. GOOd of u =)

Love My FREns la..mwah!

Welllll...I still HATe my Curfew thingy!!
Too annoying d...
Not to forget...

Whoever Takes Malboro Light..pls Msg me
Coz im selling it at Rm8 per Box..=)

It was a long story!!!!

Night peep!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

misery Loves company:(

I'm Not Happy!!!

people say,
if u smile, things will just go smooth as u wish for~
but it doesn't seem to work on me..
tired of being so cheerful?
i think so!!

the most saddening thing
happens is when parents and
family don't support u and don't
give a damn to
put their foot into
ur shoe...

well..i experienced that since i was
erm...8 or 9 i guess..
getting worse these days..
i wanna escape but can't...
so sorry for being so emo here..

not to say i want
ppl who are reading to feel
the pain i been thru..
but just wanna let it out..
u know?..
somehow, u have to release!

life is kinda unpredictable..
Kitt, u know right..
we can't choose who to
be our parents..><
seriously, i think
the fate is spinning my head..

what can i do ?

i noticed somthing too..
vincent's blog is becoming DAMN emo wei..
what's wrong?..

i think this blog is goin to
join the group..
nothing special to blog lor..

been going out very often,
no pics so not goin to talk bout them..
sigh...all i know is
going out makes me very happie lor..

staying at home, i feel the aura!!
somehow, friends are more understanding..
they really do!!

My parents?...
if they would listen to my explanations..
i think things won't be so bad..
am i right??..

Trust me la dad..
I'm still the same,
i home late not bcoz i was out to do
somthing bad...
I'm just spending time with friends..

which i treasure a lot..
why not u try to think it properly?..
or try to listen to wat i said?...

bla bla bla...
damn emo..

Gonna blog bout the dinner with khy and all on last saturday ONCE i got the pics from
Mr Ong..=)

Lurve you people =]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My blog.

I shifted my blog to

(Copied from my blog.)
First of all, there's no offence to this blog for creating blog of my own. I still love my babe here.

The reason why I've created this blog is more or less due to persuasion and opinions from others and my own thoughts. This is more likely a space for me to brag or to express my rants. :P

Hence, I hope there's no misunderstood or misinterpret on our friendship. But of course, I'll still update in this blog.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Fire balls are around my head..
can't seem to get the reason why they are so LIKE THAT!!!

and i realise, this blog is part of my " complain department"...
i come her whenever i feel very very DENG!!!
lol...instead of complaining to my jeh, i type here lar..
easier and hopefully i can get over it asap >.<
things went like this lar.. i was out at 1 sth,
and i alrdy told my mum that I wont be home for dinner tonight..

so i was spending my time with my new guy frens =D
they are pretty funny and horny..hahah
so while i was having my dinner with them at MING TIEN,
wanted to try the spicy noodles.
but END UP leaving there SO FREAKING early...

all thanks to a call from my DAD...
daddy ar daddy, why lar..
i didn't making it too much okay!!
he called me like i was out for the entire day without telling..
he URGED me to come home BY yelling on the PHONE..
My frens look at me like, OOOPSSS....

i felt so paiseh that, they have to change the plan coz of me!!
all that i can do was...
aiks, dont bother lar dont wanna potong u guys that way...>.<
but i was to send home earlier cause my frens were being worried for me also...
which i felt even worse

i just cant quite get it, why lar..
then got home, they summor lectured me..
giving the excuse of IM STILL A STUDENT...
i can't behave that way till i actually working..
and they saying..." SO what u are 18?..."
since u are still a student, u can't have THAT MUCH of FUN... WTHBBBBQQQQQQQQQQQQQ....

i was so crazee to hear that..
i can say so, i've totally gone MAD
at the moment my dad said that..SIGH!
I rather they give me allowance and dont let me out..
but now i get nothing,
all i used was my own money summor..
i couldn't stand that lar...

even if i work..they will still ask u work wat o....
so late also not home yet..
they only know how to get mad when i'm home late...
they dont care bout the reasons behind it..

SO BULLSHITS! Please la... i need some freedom wei..
not asking for all..just some..>.<
and those who know me would probably know that
i can't even go on hols with frens or stay over night at frens' hse....
i'm so speechless with that..
how to change their perspective ? I really wonder..>.<


by da way,
Fall For You by secondhand serenade...
seriously, none of my frens say its suck..
haha..i LOVe it TOO!!
eventhough i've been listening to it for 4 months...
it still so NICE !!!..
and i also totally agree with AMELIA
with her current fav, which is
We the kings- check yes juliet
Damn awesome lar this song...Run baby run!!!


complain department is temporary out of service.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hot product on Demand.

Don't know since when and where, there is something awesomely cute caught my eyes..
i couldn't believe that that kinda thingy is So Cute...sososo
i wanna know the Demand of this
so that, i can consider of selling it at a cheaper price...
I believe that, not many store is selling this or maybe none =)

Just Give Me a minute browsing this items...=)
and also give urself an idea when the word "present" appears in ur MIND...

The product's name is call " SUN JAR"


Jam jars store jam,
the Sun jar collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night,
Glass jar, solar cell, battery and LED lights.(Size: 100X100X160mm)
Made with a traditional Mason jar and high tech energy efficient lighting! Captured inside the jar are a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and low energy LED lamps. When the jar is placed in sunlight the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours. This energy is then used at night to power the the LED lamps inside the jar.

Bad weather is bad news for Sun Jars!
You may find that in winter or cloudy weather your Sun Jar illuminates for less time than normal, or even not at all. This is because your Sun Jar require SUN to re-charge!
For improved results, leave the Sun Jar switched off (switch up) whilst charging. Simply switch it to the on position (switch down) when you would like it to glow. This conserves battery life and will leave it to illuminate when you need it to. If the weather has been particularly bad, as a last resort you can also charge the batteries in a normal battery charger!

and here comes some pictures..
there is 2 types that I'm planing to get..=D


It is only a jar with the above description and the way it works..
its simply plain...and its price is
if u plan to buy from outside, it won't be this price i guarantee =D
but just tell me if u are interested, i just wanna see it's demand =)

b) Apollo Sun jar, RM 110
it named as apollo sun jar bcoz it has pcitures on it..=D
different kind of style, Very Cute ler....heee


Nice hor?...=D
any questions?..hehe u can just ask me lor =)
Msn?..or u can leave a msg on the Cbox..

Do msg me if u want more infos..
"", my msn=)

[Get This]