Friday, November 28, 2008


well well well..
todae was a total Cool day for me..
went to college and stayed at the lobby for quite some time till JOVI showed up.
that fellar..LATE!!

After that went to office and try to find the person in-charge..
but he was freaking away for lunc>.<
good timing huh..=.="
so waited for 30 mins again..then then!!
AFTER 30 mins~~

we got our result..hehe
2 As and 3 B+...
good gua?..can proceed for my 2nd sem, happie enuff liao lor
but dad wasn't satisfied wo..=.="
anything lar..ehehe
who cares bout foudation:P

After that..went to bursary for fees..
Fcking shit..they penalty me 100 bucks wei..
i dont give a shit!!
no money d me, still wanna kenakan me meh..hehe
so i didn't pay lor...>.<

Done for my 2nd sem registration..
went curve for movie at first with jovi and alwin also..
but...dinner at night after edwin gave me a call..=)
coz thian hong is backed, had a dinner with them at KLANG after curve..ehehe

well..alwin did tell me lot things ar...
he finally tell me some sam si d..lool
after so long =P
mm..analyze kinda long and i think alwin get my messages..hahaa
spent time chui sui at secret recipe for more than 2 hrs++
i think the waitress also dulan us:P..
haha..her face was super BLACK
as if we are goin to have a war with her like tat..ehee

then meet up with ashton, yang and chun weng after our chui sui..
haha..that 3 fellars, keep talking bout horny stuffs..
beh tahan la..=P
and smokers tok at winter warmer..!!
oops..opposite la gourmet hse summor...>.<
luckily i left early for dinner..ahhaa

so edwin, ryan and sze thien came and pick me up at like 6 30..
then meet up with khy at his hse...
omg it was super JAM!
then we reached khy hse after 30 mins i guess..
then thian hong, sarah chan and se siang were in his car!!
thian hong really does look da same man...
on da way there was like a OMG
and it was rainy..
plus need to wait for khy's car and jung's car(meng leong, guan and rah) to follow...haha
so so..we reached klang kinda LATE!!
but worth it lar...we had out very cheap and delicious dinner =)
listening ser siang and jung toking non stop..loool..

untill the dinner end..
edwin fetched me home first then they went somewhere else/gg
mum yeellllled like shit on da fon urging me to go homE!!! potong!!
kinda tired d..
whole day goin here and there..ehehe
wonder if im driving, would be more tired!!
haha..thanks to edwin la of coz=]
nex time, do rmb which way to turn:P

alright lar..wanna sleep d..

oink oink...


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