Saturday, August 23, 2008

moment with my empty stomach.

I'm freking hungry

currently listening to gwen's hollaback girl

It was a tired night, i fell asleep while i was watching "don't mess with the zohan", eventually i went to sleep very early yesterday.
woke up so kinda early todae, which is 11 sth..lool "consider early for me"

since i've nothing much to do, and i'm kinda starving now so i just log in , blog something..=)

How do u guys think about our new header???'nt that cool?...hehe

Ever since i've started college, a lot things around me have changed...
not something happen to me, but something happen to my frens...=)
most of them are coupled now, so sweet and they often seek for my opinion and advices...
i wonder if i should be proud of it, cause as u guys know, i don't have much experience..=D
yet, i think i have my very own thinking about it lar after years of being a listener and witness my frens' stories and always try to give them the best advice i could...
however, i somehow got blame for giving advices and my point of view.. It is so not easy to be a good listener...
quite often that thing will happen when we mention about the past..
they would say something like " becoz of u lar, i did that to him, and make me so embarassed" and bla bla bla....
It doesn't seem good becoz i got blame for telling how i feel towards their problems, ppl just like to blame the others when they faced failures...

Yah it is not fun lor, cause i really have to keep the secrets...ahhh that's sux
when u know something awesome but u can't tell...what's the point of knowing it?...isshh

hey..I'm not being emo now, just telling how i feel to be a listener...
even though it is not easy, i think i get used to it d..
ahh.. where's my lunch, bro took it all...WTH~~

still hungry...
listening to 3 doors down's not my time

17th p.j ppl~~

scouting brought kitt and i closer

the guy that never fail to accompany me when i need him =)

she is my cow cow~

the sweetest girl that i could ever meet.

Joy and fun that make a nice portray

left: bestie
right: my funniest bro

everyone looks ugly here.

I'm glad that i wasn't standing.

the best service with great people.

lots of love,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a day!!

Currently listening to Daughtry's what about now
this song is so awesomely cool..=)
i got so emo bcoz of the lyrics...oops

A week before my lecturer showed me this video about a war btw girls and was pretty fun i tot, so i sign up for it to join the talk.
it was a talk about r/ship 101, toking about the diff btw man and woman...=.=
issh..i kena tipu lor, it wasn't that interesting like what i've pictured a week
sry lar alwin, i brought u to that tok, tot it would be fun to listen about guys and girls
hee..anyway it was quite informative also..hehe

So after that, alwin and i followed my classmates' cars to ou to catch 21..=D
i love Ben in that movie, hes like the cutest gambler ever..ehehhe
the korean guy is so cool...=D

here comes some pictures...i think i have to reduce the number of words here, some ppl only like to see pictures and caption..=.=

was thinking wht to write for this...

the coordinator?

writing about the diff btw waffles and spaghetti.

How sissy!!

they feel so proud with their awful nails.

we did camwhore in da car..
thanks for the ride kit leng..

I didn't know alwin can be so retarted..=P



I like the cap..=)

Lots of love,
Xian :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday night.

Currently listening to Chris Brown's take you down..

Mmmm...really hard to get myself stick to the keyboard and write about something interesting here...hehe
been slacking lor these days...
went to low yat and work the other day, it was so Freaking Bored..found myself more like a noob
ahhh..before i continue i really want to complain lor...hehe
" MY stomach is so so full now, my supper was rather heavy...!!!!!!"

let's continue...
I have tis feedback from teik lye about my FIC post..lool
he told me that the girl Tiffany from my class is hawttt...=P
lool..alright thye, i wish she read my blog lar....she has a blog too, shall show u nex time =D...

hee..enuff of teasing, here i come with the entry with my friday night..
There was this Taylors dance Arena event on last fri, my fren invited me to go there to have some i decided to call frens of mine from taylors to go with me=)...
but it ended up only Edwin and i..lool...Those ppl who always say busy shall be punised d...
you know who you are..=P
lol..alright, we had fun in taylors lar, just non stop pointing at those hot chiqs lor, we took pictures of
And somehow, we involve khy to our topic, he is always in our mind whenever we c hot chiqs...lool

yeah..lets dont make me sound so gay ok...i didn't really mention hot guys coz there was so lil of them, hardly c hot guys there.. quite
but i got pictures...heee
besides kap-ing ppl, i met jan ming in the toilet, yea...of all places, i heard her voice in the it was really we bang into each other quite often though...=.=

and met my sg way sch classmate...he was the photographer there..ahh
u rich kid Howard =X i almost cant recognize him..hehe kinda pai seh=P

After the whole thing, we actually left quite early...
so we went into the car and think of what to do for next..then
when we were on the way to ss2, han quan returned his call and asked us to yum cha at KAYU, guan's
ppl who went to kayu~han quan, tian hui, edwin, guan, xian nee, jerome and i...
we chatted quite alot there..hehe

erm..some pictures that i have gotten from Ed...

Before we go there, at Asia Cafe

I'm not showing u the winner, i don't bother
can u c a cute guy there?...=X

hee...chiqs here aren't that hot compared to the team SINS.
but i think i c cute guys..=D

Me and Howard aka chin thye...
Look!!...edwin is staring at

haha...credits to edwin.
yeah..its da skill =.=

for more pics about this dance arena thingy, i shall put howard's blog link here.

that's all for now, have to go rest i think...
vince is asking us to be at his hse by 1 olock tml..=.=


lots of love,

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