Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beautiful Prom Night

After months of working hard and forging out own time for SEGI prom night, it has finally come to an end. It was such a beautiful night, every lady and gentleman dressed elegantly to the event.

I was so impressed that the team of us has actually come to the night and it like a finally for us, we worked it out and the night worth all the hard works. We sweat along and laugh along to present this wonderful prom night to every student in SEGi.

The night before prom..tired as a dead fish.

The interior of the costs a number.

Reception area i just like the backdrop so much!

The photo taking's nice too.

Yeah..You see this? It looks so grand..transforming from MPH

Gladly, the event was ended so successfully with all the wonderful people in the college. Performances were nicely done and the time there are much and videos were a must for that night, capturing all the beautiful participants and leave a very deep memory for their college life.

Apparently, most people were dressed in purple colour including myself...such a purple fever!
My dress was a gift by my love one, a purple long dress...i love it so much and such a dress make my night even better...Thanks shoo much!!

The food there was quite good too, it wasn't that great during the food testing time but it end up quite presentable and Sedap!!

I got to meet some of long lost friends too, realized some of them having mutual friends with me. The world is quite small after all and this beautiful night has just gather everybody and captured beautiful moments that we had.

Welcoming the VVIP.

Performance by Ms. SEGi
belly dancing..

Intro of first couple of prom queen & king
they bought this costume specially for our event and
it looks amazingly good on them and
of cause the costume ain't CHEAP.

Jocelyn- one of the prom queen candidate
Myself- the beautiful purple dress from baby
and of cause my so called DATE of the night-Iqbal.

Obviously, they become the prom queen and king
for the night!!

I met with my high sch long since we
last met!

Wing fong aka my lady-baby
Myself again
and Darwin, the cute one.

Last but not least, i managed to take this picture
right before i left..part of the committee is ere memorable!

Such great night doesn't come everyday, we worked for it especially the committee on board.
they gave their 100% for this and it was indeed a good return. Even though most of us was
not able to enjoy the night like the others but the memories are certainly very special and
indeed memorable.

I will blog more about the night once i get all the pictures, i'm waiting for the 5 photographers of the night to upload all!! (:

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