Friday, June 13, 2008

Something About UEFA 2008

listening to I'm with you - Avril (literally)

currently watching UEFA 2008 italy-romania...
I die hard for italy ok, dont ever mess with me...hehe
But they indeed let me down during their match with Holland which is Netherland now...It was awful, i couldn't take the pain..LOL
alright, they indeed became weak after World Cup and please do not doubt their abilities of obtained world cup championship...

Well, the match didn't go that well durin their first half...i have once again felt very down due to Toni's misses...><>
(1:45 a.m) I'm so down now, it was a draw....Anyway, i gotta finish this entry with handsome faces *I'm chilling*
Germany produces handsome guys, so their football team will be like AHHh..Ohhh...

First of all....Philipp Lahm hes as cute as ben stiller, don't u think the same??
yeah a younger version of ben stiller..
He is a good player..great!

I started to like him since world cup 2006, he looks like someone..hee
smart and handsome=)
He is Klose.

He is a forward player..

However, their couch beat them all...
their coach is super duper Yeng..look at his Fab body =]
oops...his name is Joachim Low
we do have something in common.../gg

He was so down of Germany lost to Croatia..

Last but not least...
People dislike him because of his selfishness and his egoism but he did prove something during the match of Portugal-Czech republic.

Here he is...Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo: Touch My body!!!

lol...I'm alright now...
handsome guys do cure my bloody mood..=]

The crazee one,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Popcorn and cell phones

I have gotten this news a couple of day ago from my boss...

Do watch this awesome video !!

Anything to ask?

Mythbusters from Yahoo

With Love,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Job and I

Currently listening to Craig David-I'm Sorry ( I Don't Love You No More)
Sadly, i have been working for 6 months d, i mean goin to lar untill i stop my current job it will be completely 6 months..

It's not totally upsetting, i had fun though, had fun knowing new frens, new boss and colleagues and DIFFEREnt kind of customers which make me pms easily..>.<

So, i'm gonna show those pics that i have taken during work and mayb u can tell me the difference...hehe (from Jan - June) it is so DAMN long, i need a break and cast all the stupid things away...=]

Before i got my hair permed, Jan-Feb.
My colleague..=)

LALAFIED/HIPHOPFIED?...haha don't wish to know though..

I miss MY Nokia..><

A new and better working enviroment...Mid of Feb-June
Really like my boss and my colleagues..they are aewsome!!

when my hair was still in natural condition..=)

U can't imagine how Bored i was...during the mother's day promotion.
That was when i met the cute HONDA boy..=]

Boss captured this for her blog..hee Do visit

My sweetie-Mei Yan.

Thanks Kitt,Sarah,Estee,Jess,Yong,Chee kong,Jal,Khy,Vince,Thye dee,Alwin,Cowx2,Wee kiat,Amelia,Jethro,Mellisa,Shiang Leit,Poi Man,Yee mei,Ah cee and lee jen for visiting me and also those who were so happened to enter my shop-Jann,Guanz,Thian Hui.....I might forget some of u but i really do appreciate...=]

And..Melissa was bored..

Last But not Least....

My latest camwhored pic...=P

Hee...i just love my permed hair =)

Credit to Regina..

With love,


Monday, June 09, 2008

Mua College.

Currently listening to Milk and Toast and Honey - Roxette

WTH? I dislike Monday. Why? That's because I have to go all the way to Bukit Jalil just for LAN subject which is Malaysian Studies. Worst thing is that particular subject starts at 6pm and ends at 7.30pm. Why lah treat me/us like that? Freaking screwed up by the timetable.. *I hope is a temporarily one, gonna send them a feedback soon*

Anyway, college's life has been quite good at the moment. New environment. Different race, books, computers, and etc. Oh yah, and people from different state and country. I kinda got misunderstood that I'm international students especially by the foreigners. They thought I'm Eurasian or something because my skin colour, eyes and hair colour(I dyed it brown xD).

As for the food, the best is chicken rice. That's the only food that taste great. Others acceptable only. Is quite expensive actually. Especially those Western food and it tastes eiuwww.....And there's waffles. Chocolate with peanut butter taste really good. But fattening...................! Somehow we just like those food huh? Don't ya? xD
Assignments, assignments, assignments.... Goodness. Can't describe how much I'm into it now. OSE, Malaysian Studies and etc. I'm enjoying actually. That's why no complain about it YET. xD Still got time to blog huh? That's because it's Tuesday tomorrow! Is my off-day. So just simply crap around here. Value the time before it's too late.

Sorry no pictures from my college. Hee. Pictures above credit to YongMing except the last one. Nice huh? I knew it. =)

Luv, KittLei

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Picture Post. Hee!

Camp post here..I'll let the pictures do the talking. I really don't know what to blog about this actually. If you're interested to know. Go view Mathew Woo's blog.
scouters' kitchen and sleeping place?
The view. Is actually the river. But can't see much though.
The Kitchen.
The campsite.
Mathew & Sarah.
Nothing to do. Was jaga-ing the campsite since everyone left for activities.
The Camp coordinator. Mathew Woo! He so hardworking lah...
Remove the mud due to the landslide which blocked the road for cars. I guess.
The Trio.
Mathew just so cute..Sarah, I think Mathew the cutest laaaaa....
The Landslide.
WengTat trying to cover the "Stupid" word written by YongMing on his body.
With Sarah.
Sarah, Julian and YongMing.
I like your Tshirt chubby. See. He got nice body xD Too bad is handphone. Wasted. If not it will be a perfect picture. xD
Both of them so cute laaa... Julian pose okay...I think I'm good at convincing others. MUAHAHAHA. Too bad YongMing I'm earlier than you. xD
The Juniors. Notice the most left guy there. It's Faruq! Never fail to pose one. -.-
Li Ching!
What's this? Anyway, nice waterfall right?

Sorry I couldn't blog much about it as I came late and left earlier. xD. But I can tell the waterfall and the river the best where u can try the natural jacuzzi!. MUAKX. Love it!
Okay. That's it.


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