Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waking up.

It's a strange morning, I lie on the bed and while whatsapp-ing with my baby and suddenly
tears drop...

tears drop out of worrying..
worry that the begin of my internship will make me to have no time for my love ones..
my beloved friends and my lovely baby.

the thoughts of waking up early and can't spend any later @ night are kinda a fear for me.
you could think that i'm looking for excuses and thinking too negatively or just being lazee to work and face the real world, but didn't you have such feeling before?

I've been working but nvr in the office, it just kinda a new thing and totally a new
environment for me. Most importantly, i gotta wake up early and sleep early!!

yeah..i just feel that i'm gonna miss the fun and if i go out late night, i would be missing to go to bed
afraid that the nex day i won't have energy for works..
it just creep me out.
yeah..dat's so negative..and i might just have no time for my friends.

well...i know i'm quite silly for this,
and now i just hoping for my work to be extremely bz and i won't have the time to think nonsense.
a thinker is always thinking wtv which is possible..ahaha
i think this is bad thou.

hoping that it is gonna be fun and im gonna have fun during these short periods.
hope it could be shorter.. (:

Melia said: i'm worrying and scare for ntg.
which is true, it's bcoz i sorta predicted the worse from it..lol

Perhaps, im afraid coz it's time for me to make decision, a decision for the nex path that im gonna take.

Once again, wish me luck peep!! (:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love and Mr.right.

they say every woman should have a husband. yeah a husband, how do you know that, it's time for you to get a husband or
it's just
part of the plan in life..you do need a husband..
so u keep searching or like some other people, they waited for the Mr. right to appear in their life.

well, LOVE has no definition, it varies to different individual...
and therefore, i keep wondering

do you really need a husband to make ur life complete?
just like what other woman is doing?
do you have to actually get married to fulfill ur needs? is that true that every woman should have a marriage and a husband?

if your love is about getting married and have a companion @ old age...is it right?

or you get married with a person because you love that person..
so you wanna spend the rest of ur
life together wit that person..therefore you get married with that person?
they are many reasons for marrying but is there a reason to love?

i mean like...
do you wanna be married and thus you go and love?
Is falling in love about getting a companion @ old age?
don't you think that most people nowadays they choose a man and
that man must
fulfill their requirement to be a husband?
i guess majority of them yes.
they choose a bf whom can give them a future, a marriage and a family..

this is what most ppl are looking for...they want a family.

just like the old saying ' the only ppl who would always be with you is ur family'
ur career, ur frens, ur banglo can't give u a sense of belonging.

so..now im wondering,
is it a must for a woman to be married? to have a family? and have kids? is it what a woman need?
would you still be happy without a marriage?
and is loneliness that bad?

Towards this, i just think that there's many people in this world..we all experience different things we see different things and we have a different brain.
so..why must we follow the routine of life?
i just think that, having a different lifestyle from others doesn't mean that u're not successful, doesn't mean that u're incomplete.

by that, i don't think there's a must b that way and when u do something that majority people won't do, doesn't mean that its wrong..

it's just depends on the value behind it.

would you prefer to be like the others or you wanna be urself or look for the kind of life that you want before you actually hurt someone.

heart is there to feel and a brain is there for you to make choices.

Thinking of these,
it's all coz of Julia Robert's eat pray love...
well..this show is kinda boring and lame i think
but @ some point it does make me think and here i am.


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