Saturday, March 24, 2007


there is plenty of ppl wif "obes" it a trend?...haha
fer me i wouldn't agreee it as a trend...xD
becoz it is a very unhealthy life style to b in tis situation...
mayb drowning in food is da main factor of being obesity...

*NO offence*

feel "pity" to c a weighing scale suffer under a big load..

Miss obesity...shud b proud of it..
there is plenty of skinny ppl dun dare to show their body....look at them..full of confidence
it has started since they were in childhood....*sad*
*it is so tempting*can i hav a bite?...
it will b a big mistake to step in often and often...
y r u so stupid to gain weight juz to beat anorexia......

indeed, isnt it good to hav a body lik tis?...

wat?....its so big diff compare to eva...

aiks..pls be awake...=P

Friday, March 23, 2007

...::my classmates!::...

it has been quite a few days that i did not ppl asked me to today..i decided to blog about my classmates..sry not all..cuz i din manage to capture u guys face..hehe..

k..let's start off with our class monitor...

...kam wing chung...the potong stim n hx always kena potong-ed by him..wakaka..
ah thye deedee..happy i post up ur face here?? de girl..(in tamil!!...wanita!!!..vanilla...!! and behind her is yee keong..
they're camwhoring...
they really like taking pictures..especially ah thye deedee..forgotten wat she doin that time..i think she's arranging the permission slip..rajinnya..
from left to right : teck ping, mx, yeu kit aka praying mantis..n xian long..behind are our classmates..girls..waiting for their turn to take pics!!..hehe..i dun think xian knows i took this pic..wakaka..ah thye deedee again..i found out that he actually like taking pictures..and he's a poser too!..xian edited it..from left to right : me, ah thye deedee, xian.
ah lap kor..hehe..sry i din take ur pic..forgotten..but at least i still rmb to put ur face into our blog!!..the most important thing is keikhlasan, sheng yi(canto), cheng yi(mandarin) right...kekeour class board!!..behind..and last but not least..both of us.

hehe...thx for spending ur time to c these pictures..hehe

Sunday, March 18, 2007

hey!!..finally i've taken my new spec...=)
juz chose my new spec tis mon wif kitt's mun n
as she recomended me to go...xD
after i've chose da nice wan...da "boss" asked me to take it on fri...
Fri...its a gud day..but our mood was potong by some1...juz dun feel lik mention his name ere..=)
kitt n i planned to go fer a movie b4 taking it...but we couldnt find any frens..n joe wanted to watch we went together...
b4 headed to cinema...we received an "unpleasant" call dat wan us to go back to sch fer cleaning...coz theres plenty of maggotz creep around da den's kitchen....aiyer...
tis time kitt showed her braveness which is her biggest archivement to wash those maggotz away...=D
n thx to sir tuck loong fer checking it...on thurs nite...xD
after dat..we headed to 1u n buy tickets...(primeval time)
not to forget dat fri was chingz's bufday... she gave us a call while we were having lunch....
n asked us to go swensens fer
as we were too full..we stay there fer while..hehe
we went back to sch after kill maggotz...aiks...disgusting
but i noe its not to kitt...she isnt afraid of insetcs instead of mammals..=.="
n finally.. my spec is in my
its a frameless come take alook..
n giv some comments..."P

my old spec...maroon..

eres da new 1...pretty huh ..its in buetterfly shape..=)

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