Saturday, November 03, 2007


after the emo entry by kitt, i decided not to use the word "emo" on myself anymore but i will still use it to tease ppl..=D
coz it is use to decribe a goth more on a real sad person...hee
well, i have done ton of pratices for spm lately, i juz feel lik doin it. If not i would really die of guilt, its juz stress i think.
yet, i still spend 4 hrs on tv these days...

im still crazee over him!
dats y, i feel so guilty. Guess wat?...i have been training myself not to speak foul language coz i used to say "FUCK" whenever i feel not right or angry..
and tis happened not only on me, same goes to MIss Wan...and we were trying to blame on sombody, and finally khy li becomes the victim ..lool
there is doubtless that khy does master in foul language and eventually we got influenced by him..

do not go Mcd..

kenny sia has been blogging bout woman and man...
i juz realised that we he said was absolutely true..
kenny: "Your brain says "Fall in love with the humble IT manager! He's the right guy!". But your heart says "oh wow hehehehee that robbie is really cute!"

dont u think so??
haha..u gotta agree with me!

tis pig is so cute..=D

k time to show some hilarious videos...super lame.
credits to KITt..


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What is Emo?

As I was watching videos in Youtube, I came across this video...which i found it quite interesting..maybe because nowadays I found ppl been misusing the word EMO...people, check this out! =]


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