Friday, September 14, 2007


hee, im bored hanging around in kasturi thrice a week, its quite tiring...
glad dat im goin to end my tuition life in 4 weeks time..shud celebrate..=D
actually, its not so bad of goin tuition coz i gotta see guy with sexy
too bad, kasturi only has one sexy guy...its pathetic. sad for myself..><

but u may say sujen is the hottest..ain't he??

hee,doin revision is tiring.. im glad dat google is always by my side..=D
and i found out somthing, wedding flower is costly yet gorgeous...haha, its
good to imagine myself drowning in flowers with my ideal man..=)

isnt dat great to think bout it once in a blue moon, dreaming myself with all da good stuffs in da world..hahaa..
*started to smile widely* =)

im not desperate, juz telling u dat i can shock sendiri in my
ain't it cool??..being dreamy is so cool in ways, pisces does enjoy it...*ME*
i think evry girl likes it, but guy would show their sad face when they think bout wedding,
isnt it???..

money is always a matter to have a grand and memorable wedding unless da guy is extremely rich to satisfy their love guys, be prepared!!!

i love flower..=)

it is romantic..muackzZ


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mtv AWard 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Thoughts.

As what I've learned from Khy today..he explained to me the Difference between hormones shock and Electrical eye contact shock...well..Im sure majority of you understand the second what's the first 1 about??..

hormones shock is something to do with ham sap attracted to opposite sex's body..figure..something like boobs and so on..u get what i mean right..

You must be wondering why i asked Khy this kind of Question..actually i only asked him about the electrical eye contact shock..and he suddenly burst out with the hormones shock..haha..anyway, asking this question is because lately i've been confused with what I'm feeling right now..or maybe just so weird..okok..cut that off..






*credit to xian for the picture*

.............I found out the answer..but is that what i wanted?? after brain-stormed for few times, I still can't find my exact answer..I'm just so confused with that..I dun understand why am i avoiding the fact..and trying to avoid things related to "X"...and xian told me because I dun find it a right time now..that's why I'm avoiding...apart from that, I've no confident in myself anymore towards this kind of things..i just cant make the move..even..a simple one..I'm such a coward..

Beside those lame reason, exams in one of it too..I'm using it as a reason to keep myself away from it..even in my exam..i cant concentrate properly..suddenly those images appeared..i got so annoyed with it..and i drank lot of water during that took me really long time to calm myself down.. and i end up rushing to the toilet at the end of the paper..wth..

during mind was all mess..i hate that seriously..luckily the lesson was quite interesting which is Radioactive..if not..I'm so gonna say bye to my studies..LoL..i guess quite a number of them from my class will not be going to sch because there's only Mandarin and Biology paper..great one..haha..especially the Chemistry "dropper"..2 days in a roll no need to go to the school..great-nya..haha..tomorrow I will be spending my time on Chemistry..don't want to disappoint myself in that subject already..=]

K..enough for this post..have to back to study..I'm just Moliu-ing here..=]


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