Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Penang baby~

Currently listening to Natalie's going crazy

today is such a vibrant day and also my off day..!!
muahahha...i gotta rest from sufficient sleep and just backed from Tmn Desa for
fish head noodles..DAMN YUMMIE~~

Guess what I'm goin to post here..ahha
Pei san has been pushing me to BLOGG!!!
Well..atleast i got fren to read my blog if not this freaking kesian bloggie is gonna be so pathetic
with no regular visitor...and i think my blog is kinda lonely...
Sorry violetgale =/

after that very short exam period, i followed awps to penang and really had fun there..
there were plenty of delicious makanan and my fav beach!!
Hmm....thanks awps though..
First day was quite tiring...we reached there around 3++
and backed to her hse to rest and continue to makan ikan bakar..
after that..we headed to Upper Penang Road to grab some drinks.. was quite a unpleasant night as the service there was unexpectedly BAD!!..
however, it was quite fun as a whole :)

Ikan bakar @ Telok Tempoyak

Fried Lala...

Before having our dinner, we actually snap plenty of pictures on the bridge.. :D

Can spot the Jelly fish??

Sampan sampan..xD


Emo emo pics..

courtesy of awps :D

Love the wide blue sky on top of i realize how lucky am I to be
in this world and well..I love being meee!! :)

P/s: missing yewww...

it's just the first day, will post up the rest once i get all da pics...hugs!

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