Monday, June 07, 2010


Currently what I hear is the bell ringing from my dog's chain and the moving fans on top of me..
It's 4 in the morning and I guess most of my friends on my msn are asleep by now..

Well..I'm still awake as I was watching the movie, Confucius with caely and we both fell asleep during the climax part..xD
unfortunately, I've gotta pause it and now i just sitting in front of my toshi and start wondering
start thinking like an old lady, couldn't deny that I'm alrdy getting older...
sigghhh...Life seems getting tougher ...
It's not that working is very tiring and challenging, it is that, it has never been easier to do things
Everything that I've done could be right and it could be wrong...
it is right at some perspectives and it is so wrong in another way...
and there's never a perfect point for it...indeed, it's very tiring to deal with both of these rights
and wrongs..

somehow, thing could be right at this moment and then next it is not anymore...
how much energy to be consumed when dealing with these..and people around
could make you happier at times and miserable too..
It's like every single thing must've gotta be related and the circle could be growing bigger
and bigger then it involve more people and things...

When it's becoming serious, it is where it become obvious and it's the time to realize how badly
it has gone to...
then, a solution is needed to carry out..'s still going back to what i'm's tiring..
we want to be happy, we want to feel contented and we want to be wanted...
its that simple...everyone is fighting for what they are actually looking for..
in the process, we tend to face many disappointments, betrays, losing faith and bla bla bla..
then emotions get in the way and there is where the devil comes and attack..
Devil takes place and u will lose your true self...and it is difficult to get it back..
hold tight!!

Deep breathe~
I ain't being emo, just thinking... (:

P/s: No matter what...just don't forget to show loveess :]

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