Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Friday, May 18, 2007

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Imagine if theres spiders in ur ear...wat will u react?...
mayb spider is a trend for todae...=)
theres a news about a boy who found a couple of spiders living in his ear...
da boy said dat "they were walking in my eardrums" doesnt it feel horrid??
if i were to be in dat situation i would probably be scared and mor cautious towards stuffs around me...
after it happened...dat boy kept it in a container as his

and theres another case bout a leech found in a boy's is even mor horrific...>.<
dats ill...its nasty...
a leech sucking ur blood in ur nose while u r juz acting normal lik goin sch and eating...
hard to happened when da boy had gone to the waterfall for swimming...and they believed dat da leech had gotten into his nose....yuckZzz...and he found it after a week...its a bit too

and there was a similar story bout a woman hu went hiking n da leech had gotten into her nose due to da reason she washed her face in a stream...she bleed non-stop untill she couldnt stand da pain...she went to c doctor..

bad news dat da doctor found a leech in her nose...the doctor said dat it could have caused suffocation if it moved into the patient's larynx....

nasty!! reminds me of goin jungle camp...=X
so sucky...


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