Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Those days.

Since my high sch life has ended, I rarely meet my high sch frens and once i meet them
some of them will be telling me about my hair..
it's always changing, my hair it is...
I didn't really realized bout it so I dug out my old hard disk, which storing my old pictures to see the changes of my hairstyle over these 4 years..a bit jobless ere but it's healthy..haha
I gotta reminisce somehow (=

Nerd faces alert! plsss don't laugh!





Weee....I feel like perming my hair agaaaain!! xS

Sunday, January 23, 2011

this and that

there are two type of people...

these two types of people are those who are selfish to an extent that they are used to responsibilities to the others and act as if they' have nothing to do with it.
another type is those who rather to take all the blames to themselves even though it's not their obligation to carry any of the responsibilities...they just choose to keep quiet and try to make the world more peaceful.

however, the one who always take up all the blames will eventually suffer more than the one who push all da responsibilities..
taking up all the blames and try to make people around them happy and less arguments...
so what?
only those who don't have to take up the responsibilities will be happier and will make more excuses so that the other person will help to carry the obligations...
you make people happy but who is there to make u happy?

you keep quiet and do what ppl want you to do, never fight back..eventually, those people will
only bully you...and the selfish one will never feeel suffered as they are so used to push the
difficult and non-beneficial tasks to the one who is willing to carry it..

Why is it so tiring to live a life? so many controls, so many can't and so many rules...
so much of concerns and rationality.....
All these!!'s just tiring!!
Sighhh....why can't everything be more simple and not as complicated!

P/s: I think i'm emo tonite ):

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