Friday, October 26, 2007

MAkes u wonder. juz sort of fall in love with her face..
i used to tease about her very own song "im like a bird"..
still got ppl dream to be a bird meh..=.="
and she did look like a kampung auntie lo...



end of last yr...her "promiscuos girl" was realeased..
i was so shocked and wanna make sure...whose song is tis...
lool...yeah is NELLY FURTADO...i was like..okie..

i dont think she had been thru any plastic surgery except for her eyebrow..=D
and she got fairer now...juz amazing..
eventually, i quite like her now...her features are sharp..very nice..=)
even im girl oso get
im sure guys would juz say.." did the crow become a parrot..."
actually i wonder too..

u should take a look with her vid in year 2001 and year 2006..


ere u go..........

"im like a bird"

a bird .....

turned ..into

"promiscous girl"

she is fair now..

look at her skin colour..=.="
i personally quite like tis pic..hee!!
sorta *jealous*...
time to ciaoz...
17 days...

Thursday, October 25, 2007


All of sudden I forget everything that I always precious,
but things changed after a few moment in my mind,
and I can't remember what I have done,
all I know is wasted I've wasted precious time.

Avoiding the fact is exactly what I hate the most,
but day after day,
I'm used to it.
and now I regret for what I have done.

Looking at my old folks' disappointment is the hardest thing,
Though they seem do not mind,
I mind.
This is where the part I feel bad the most.

Study what lah.........

18 days left to face the fact...........Heee!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dog's lover

haha..can u c da 99??..
erm tis is goin to be da 100th...
* full after my supper
and my ass is sticking to my chair and hard to get up...yeah...i think its time to blog
but first of all...
let me introduce my cute doggy...Max
hes old but hes still cute and plum unlike those ugly dogs...lool

i might not want to get another dog after him..
but if i really want a puppy..
i would probably choose siberian husky..*if im rich*
hehe...its not easy to handle husky and husky is rather expensive
its bout RM1500 for a husky puppy...dats a lot..
but...if u look at their eyes, u will definately get attracted...

Dont believe???...u shall c it urself
here u go..

"im blue."

"run...i gotta run"

"hey..i like that bitch"

"i miss her like crazee"

"woah..shes hot"

"wheres my mum"

lol..they are cute

cant resist to have one like them...hee!!


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