Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back :)

After so long..I have been slacking to come up here to post something..
I'm kinda backed today as I'm now quite stucked with my assingment..
I have no idea if Im on the right track and I just feeling weird with my answers...

However, I just got myself here lar..
Reason to be so damn lazee to post on my blog is that I'm spending most of my Time-after-studies on WORK!!
I bet whoever like to hang out @ one u will surely see me being bz at maxis xD
And today...Im being locked by assignment making me not able to go bazaar with my babe melia..sorry babe =/

Hmm.. a lil update, my stupid sem 1 result is out!
and it is not that bad though...I got all the ABC..hahaha
Can reward myself with ice kacang d xD

The moment getting the result was damn intense..:X
worried that i might need to redo my course work as i don't think i've done well..
However, it's over lar..ahhaa
the worst course work among all the subject was actually my LAW!!!
I spent most time and it ended up to be a shitty result!! ):


Me <3 whoring =")

Imma nerd xD

@ sea park dai chao :)

@ daddy car..(:

and..dear dear :)

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