Friday, January 11, 2008

The First Post of the Year.

It's new year and I guess is pretty long since I've blog. New year countdown to 2008 was least not a few of us miserably like last year, but bunch of them in the end. Hee! We met lot of them..from unknown to known, from unexpected to surprise =] . This year, The Curve was so crowded compared to last year..Luckily, we managed to get ourselves some empty space. Actually it was spacious due to people who's afraid to come near to our "foam war". Fireworks was long 12 mins compared to last year 7 mins. is it xian? Forgotten. =]

Below are the pictures taken on the last night of 2007.

with KahHoo and HuiXian.with Caely.

Us with Caely.

with HuiXian.

Next, I've made a visit to the wet market at Kuala Selangor today. Which is once in a blue moon because I don't want to stuck at my grandma's house. WHEE! I was trying out my new phone camera...yeah..I'm pretty statisfied with it..ngek.the way into the wet market.view in Kuala Selangor.

Nice? Can't believe it was taken by a camera phone..

Goodness........Although their seafood are fresh, but cleanliness is sux. At the wet market, everywhere is cats, and I saw cats laying on the place where they sell appetite spoilt right at the moment. Thank god is only one stall. If not, I definitely puke right on spot.

After that, my gong gong fetched us to the Restoran for some food. Food was great till I didn't really care to take picture anymore. Imagine the temptations in front of you, how can u resist it?? The prawn fried mihun, combination of crabs, prawns and fish porridge, and vege. Those food just too tempting..Hee!About to leave.............

At this time...............................there's this sudden urge to CAMWHORE! WHEE!

This is the only picture I've taken and so can't blame..looks weird right? I took my mum's hat and camwhore with it..just weird..hahah

The view outside my house.... evening time.

Is beautiful isn't it? Gosh....Just love taking sceneries...


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

To you

hey im kinda free now after a long time of working.
tis entry is specially for sylvia cause i didnt really say goodbye to her when she was leaving from kl and back to kuching.
and also i know that she is very supportive, she will definately view tis blog whenever she is free and not whenever she feels bored.
thanks yah.
so, im so gonna make u to recall ur stay over again..lool


she can eat alot.

bro: girls' fav

she was trying to act cute, but failed miserably=P

dont mind hor??..haha

feel touched?

and todae is sis bufday.=)

first of jan...

happy bufday still..hee

too tired d,

working isnt a game coz it is too tiring..=(

haha..its me again,

hui xian

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