Saturday, October 04, 2008

Update? Probably. =D

It's Saturday..

Raya Break gonna end VERY soon. after tomorrow? ~!@#$%~!@#$%



Went for the YumCha session organised by the YumCha-geng yesterday.
Realised that I'm sort of like outdated with things happening around to my high schoolmates.
What to do? Was busy mahh.. =D
Ehhh..I ain't the only one with this thought okay.
You know who you are..Lol.
Anyway, there's nothing much to describe the session lah.
Pictures below.
Scroll down if interested or wanna pry on us. 8-)

With Jess and HuiXian.

TeikLye aka ThyeDeeDee.
Aiyah..Your height is still the same laa.
I guess. =D

For more pictures, visit YumCha-geng's blog


By the way, my bro got himself a dragon tattoo!


don't you think it seems familiar to you??

YEEEESSS!!!!!! it's from KungFu Panda!..LOOOOL

p/s Nesh : Happy one month! =)

alright..that's all for the update.


Friday, October 03, 2008


it just fell right on top of my dad's car windscreen..
SUPER CICAK...lool was an unusual Wednesday
cause i got to hang out with my beloved Jeh-
she came down for a vacation actually, so i gotta hang out with her at ou

But, I'm not goin to blog about wat we did in ou since the
pics aren't ready yet...
next week i guess =)

then I'm just goin to talk about the
yum cha part with her and caely..
Since NZX is so near from caely's hse,
we went there like 6pm...
and of coz, we got a DRIVER...ahaha
no lar, he self-claimed himself driver cause
he felt so honourable to be our driver..hehehe

hee...we went full house to grab our drinks..
service there is kinda POOR...
it took us 20 mins to wait for the drinks....
wahliao eh~
but i like the design of the whole CAFe..
Impressive =)
the only thing i feel so dissapointed is their stair way and the floor..
they did that to save cost..haha
GO visit if u are curious with watthebullshits i'm saying..=P

P/s: Its not gay to blog....=]

just so u know,
he claimed himself MR driver~ art work
Caely in the CAGE?

people like to be LALA for once..Or
PEAce =)

This is what we call CHA=)
I like the cup nia...CUTE!!

My ice blended =)

Hee...That's why
he felt so honourable =)


Do Visit Caely See Yen Boon's BLOG =)

P/s: caely, say thanks u know =]

Love ya~

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A lil update~

Mmm....Its been ages since i didn't crap here, Isn't it?
Kitt and I started to mix with many different groups of people and thats why u guys seldom see the camwhore pictures of us together..ehhee

But we are still good as u know..
lalalaa....we still care for each other just not that much
as last time.

Alright, talk a lil bit of my life these days..
quite busy with college works and now my
final is just around the corner...
I always wanna get my ass stick to the chair
and study but somehow, i got distracted so easily...
always feel like hanging out...
hehe...don't tell me it's bad k?..

I realize that mixing with the right
people is definitely something that we need to
think about...haha just so u know, i'm always mixing with
the right people..that's why I'm kinda GOOD now..=]
no la...i wasn't being emo, just trying to SS abit..
so that i can compromise with kitt =)

And talk something about kitt...
she is doing so well since she got into APIIT..
she told me alot of fantastic stuffs..
but i think i missed alot of the moments...>.<>
P/s: I'm not being emo lar, just feel lik saying it
before i go sleep...loool

Lots of love...

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