Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Major me!!

As time goes by,
I have now become a better person...LOL

Well...I'm bored, pls allow me to crap a lil more :D
I'm finally free again to come and visit my blog for like once in a blue moon..
just nothing to do so..i come and type craps lor.. :) is making me busy plus i think im so used to it, if one day i have to go home after college, i would probably say I'm bored!
i don't think i can take a long holidays as im so used to it but i think
if going on vacations can make me feel better :D

I can't wait till my exams end!
this semester seem freaking hard!! I just don't really have the mood to sit for my exam
thinking that I still have much time =D
however, my schedule for this study break will be all @ McD or Starbucks with AWPS!

my degree year 1 sem 2 is just gonna end as soon as i finish my 2 papers :)
then i can enjoy all my lifeless days for 3 months!!

well..i would probably spending time @ maxis again and work..
hehe....need money badly though :P
alright, i don't have nice nice pics but my own camwhore piccies :D

Randoms @ BBQ plaza.

Gathering @ centrepoint.

Lunch + photo shooting @ Sek yuan with caely.

Whatever @ Library..with AWPS's LX3

What happens when I'm bored in class.

Tipsy me after Maison.

Nite @ Khy's Hse with jung being drunk!!

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