Friday, January 09, 2009

Lazee mode.

Ahh...feel so lazee to move my lazee ass from my awesome bed..
Was busy with my studies whole day yesterday, kinda hectic for the first week>.<
went Rasta after coll to discuss bout our drama thingy..
phew~~ the stupid SHISHA distract all of us..=.=
" blardy hell!!
It wasn't a great discussion, it was rather WTV..
and i got headache after 2 hrs sitting there bull shitting..=.=
Now, i realize how freaking hard to work a storyline out..!!booya!!

Was my sis bday ytd, but i din't get to have dinner with her coz of the discussion>.<
home at 10++...thanks hafiz!! lol..
he's a new fren of classmate he has this awesome body!!..lool
and his eyes are so freaking BLACK till it's as shinny as cat's?
haha...cute n nice of him....oops? xD

At first, b4 yr 09 started, i was so mad bout SEGi for putting 2 intakes together in a class..
coz the sept intake is ful of mongolians, which i don't really ok with..
they are just so not here to study..=.=
but anyhow, i found it alright now. mm..not with the mongolians but with other new frens. malays and arabian?...lool
pretty fun hanging out with them...
and i think this sem has made me mix with MALAYS!! lool..

i din't know i can actually get tat many of malay frens..
they're not like those annoying one( like the nurses in my coll..>.<) nop they're definitely not!!
those i mix with are mainly those who hates " the very malay kind of malays"
haha...damn racisT!! >.<
i think i can click with them coz they're really nice and we share the same interest and all?
dat's kinda cool..xD working with them is not bad also..
n my babe..esha is cool ..!!:P todae gonna stay at home. caely n hoo asked me for movie..
but trying to be more "ShANG SING" so i say " nex time ba"...LOOL
" nah kitt, i proves it" hee...
behave like a good gal now...

keep yawning..>.<
alright, i think it's time to make my story!!
ideas ideas!!!


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Couldn't sleep!!

like this pic *wink*
how dare u don't reply my sms!!

currenly listening to Leona Lewis's I can't live if living is without you.

Mmm..I know it's very late to stay awake at 4:42 AM
I just don't feel lik sleeping after movie with daddy n kor kor =)
after supper then got home at 3++..mana ada mood nak tidur???
Stomach is still digesting..lool
I'm so unhealthy!!

Spending time with my Hk series and now toking to MR Ng K.H...xD
He asked me to blog bout anything..haha
so i came here after i edited those pictures that had taken during the outing with
my beloved Bro-Mr Chan Y.E...
P/s: i tell u what, i will really make u sneeze every single morning!!..ahha gonna think of u when I'm goin to bed every night while u're in U.S...xD
hee..Don't take that as a curse kay? Ahh..can't be emo:P
and yeah...the video taken by Caely.S is Awesomely COOL!!! thanks babe =)

I'm gonna show it here..don't worry that i've no place to put the video..hehe

mm...i still feel so berat to go to bed lar!!
wait..I'm gonna upload the vid and pic here b4 i KO kay?.. u guys..=]

Alwin and chingz..
they do look like bro n sisda here=)

My beloved Bro- Mr chan.
Gonna make u sneeze..ngek ngek ngek!!

Me, boon n my F.H xD

N of coz..

lazee to put more on here =/
mayb i will upload to FB lar..alright? =)
I'm actually still waiting for pics from "kerling's camp", Tuck Loong is procrastinating it!!!

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