Monday, March 08, 2010

20th B'day!

Ahhh...after my very very fun CNY!!
Here come my lil nightmare, I'm 20th now!!!...So fast!!
Can't imagine I'm alrdy an adult?..hahahaha
Well..i still can't enter casino yet nor applying a credit card..xD
Being 20 shud be awesome i guess..ehehe

I LOVE MY 20th B'day..thanks
thanks all my kawans who celebrated for me...
Kawans who Called me just to say Haappie B'day!!
kawans who Wished me thru SMS,MSN and also on FB!!


Hee...I din't really plan for my bday but it happened to be GOOD!! of the reason, is bcoz it falls on CNY..and i enjoyed every gambling session xD
Of coz..must thanks to coopersan, jul, pektong to plan the surprise for me =)
Thanks alwin for bringing me to 8avenue for pork burger and also Bodo family's invitation for their CNY lou sang!!..ahaha
All were indeed AWESOME!!

Time for pics kay!! ..=)

First was celebrated with Coopersan!! was very SURPRISE..thanks u guys =)

Hahhaa..blurr blurr me

I'm 20th..yeah!!

Ahh...Thanks god they din push me to enjoy the CREAM!!

Then..lunch with alwin!

Hehe..Camwhore with Alwin's Lumix again!! @ 8 avenue!!

Alwin's Urban legend pork burger!! Dengan petai tau!!..xD

This is mine!!..i forgot the name..hehe paiseh!!

Me posing with the Leica ;)

Nice nice!!...I love my phone!! =)
It's white!!!

Dinner @ aman suria with bodos !! xD


It was SUPER funny listening to Pocky speaking mando!! ..HAHA

After dinner..headed back to Estee's hse ;)

20!! and me ?

Jeh and i =)..Mwahh!!

Ahahha...Not missing gambling session!!

Last bt not least!!
Gal gal stoning eyes!!..=)

P/s: Lurve the card from my dear ">

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