Monday, July 04, 2011

Ideal colleague.

Ever since the begin of my internship, every morning can say to be dreadful as as night owl gotta wake up early to hunt! haha...

It's never be easy to wake up early even if I've slept for more than 7's just morning! that's da problem!!...

haha...suddenly, lee hom just appeared in my mind...what if he's in my office and i gotta see him everyday over there...
omaigossh..i'm so gonna jump up when my alarm rings..

he does give me such motivation as he's just so charming!! imagining him talking to you and joking with would be shooo cutteee!!!

Awww...he's just so cutee!! (:

hmm..other than lee hom,

i don't mind working with an old sexy man, Jason Stathams!!!
oh gosh, what if my manager is Jason and when he teach me how to do this and that, i will certainly be melted!!

Sexy man in the entry!!

Unfortunately, majority of my colleagues are girls~!!!
no fun!!! i can't imagine them to be the sexiest actress like Jessica Alba or Megan fox! coz accountant could never have that look..=/

if i could just look @ them and imagine that, it will be damn fun! will be dam happy to go work
actually, now i started to work in the office..i gueess the thing that affect ur interest if actually the
people around you...

lets say u love music so so so so so much but those that u have to work with just disgust you
with their annoying will be such a turn off and making ur passion in music slowly slowly been blinded by those disgusting stuffs.

if u are doing something that u didn't thought u would like but the people around just so friendly
and helpful, eventually u would say " owhhh..i'm lovin my job"
yeah..this is what we call working environment, it does play a big big role and therefore, there is
always best employer award for those company which is able to provide the best working
environment to the employees and discover their abilities effectively.

A good worker doesnt define by how hardworking is that person, doesn't define by how much OT
that person is willing to stay for...
being hardworking is just helping the company to finish all the tasks and not making any changes.
changes made are just the quantity of works..

A good and healthy working environment requires employees that could create a harmony in the working place and allow each staff to perform their creativity and their ability to be alert.

Working quietly and not interact with one another is kinda like wasting life?
you just spend ur life working and not having fun within it. in ur mind, u just wanna finish the task given...
where comes the fun when you hardly have fun from what you are doin most of the time.

Well..i think working is a must but having fun within it is really a necessary!

Stop working like a zombie and being dreadful, try to explore the fun within every single thing that you're's not easy, it's not straight forward but u just gotta find it with ur instinct!

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