Friday, June 01, 2007

..::Lunch at 1U::..

As huixian posted up our outing on the previous I'm not going to blog about that..instead I'll blog about food..^^

After our Movie which is POTC...we actually spent much time to find a place to settle down..finally we reach the old wing and Huixian suggested to eat at Secret Recipe..and so we ordered this...

Beef Lasagna..i wondered how much calories I've added...

next, huixian's food..a set..which include..

Bolognese Spaghetti..The Brownies of the day..and Iced Lemon Tea..Joe's food..some seafood macroni..with loads of cheesee..She's about to eat..look at excited..notice the hp below her hand..her mood was quite potong over that phone..cuz of some reason..hehe

And us sesat-ed in the Bus!..bluek=P

Yeah..i know..only pictures..sien..and short post..hehe


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

.:marvelous tue.:

As we said in our previoes posts...we have been to one u for movies.... roxxx..we got to watch potc(of coz) and next dat day....
potc was we expected
took us almost 3 hrs to sit in da theatre...worth it huh.."P
still...johnny depp was da main and da funniest char in dat movie...hehe
after dat we went to secret recipe for pasta...woah...nice
brownies was hot and delicious..=)
(pics will post by kitt-the food lover)

erm...we shop for while b4 "next" show in to blook to look for some dresses...
dress there r nice with reasonable prices.."P
after dat we watched next..
nt to forget...though its nice, da ending was not dat gud as we didnt expect it..hehe
i can say its bit potong..."P time to go home after dat movie..arghh.."it's 6 45 d , time to home for dinner" =)
too bad, there werent any transport for us to go home...parent not free...>.<
so..we waited 1 hrs plus for da rapid kl bus...and again it disappoint me..><
then we went to another bus stop for kitt asked us to try.."P
ah haha...somthing happen....we were at da wrong station...hehe
guess wat?...joe hor feel scared at first coz he was da one hu bring us for da bus..hehe
but nvm...we didnt blame him...serious^^
after we reached kota damansara...we found it wrong....why were we so blur?
coz it was da first time..cant blame>.<
then da bus stopped at it's main station...all da passengers in da bus went down..left us..
of coz..we forced joe to ask da driver...n wat?....we were at da place dat we dunno..which is kota damansara...kitt nooes atleast..hehe
haha...we were in calm..ok...werent fear at all..."P
then da driver said theres a second turn then we will be backed to ss2...haha
means we took it at da wrong station...
my dad was non-stop calling me...they worried bout me..=)
hehe...he was like..=.= "u memang no sense of direction" how can u drive?..juz like ur mum...
argghh...kena tease..>.<...malu dam malu..
then we got home safely..^^


oops...yea..we took pic in da bus..haha
we still got da stupid mood to take pics at such a not familiar place..hehe
pro nia...

da sky when we were waiting for da damn bus..><

hah...walking to da "wrong bus stop"..kitt's asssssss
=(...da unknown place

inside da bus?...

looks weird..-.-

yea..we still got da mood for camwhoring...


kitt looks cute ere...lik wat?...ginny pig?..hehe

edited by ME..."P


Sunday, May 27, 2007

..::hi-tea at beach & spa hotel::..

woke up at 7am today..purposely follow my mum go old town to search for kuali and etc..later I'm going to giant..continue my search for the cheapest and best Quality wok..*i hope so*..hehe..the reason why i din but the stuff today is because i din expect old town sell woks is much more expensive..actually the price is quite fair and reasonable for that area..but imagine..even giant can be cheaper..if i bought it just afraid the TL and Treasurer will look at me with the *shock* face..wheeeee....

later that afternoon..about 12noon..went to beach and spa hotel for HI-TEA..that place is quite i always dreamt of nice beach and resort..with natural sound..but too bad there's only pond..the mine hole..hehe..don't know what's that for my dream place..i always wanted to go to BALI..omigosh..that place is so so so great!!..i think that's the only place that still remains the natural feel..anyway..i quite enjoy the food there though..the best is still the deserts..and food there..i guess is long as I'm full and i quite satisfied with it..ngek..yeah.. i cant believe my younger sis and bro still can swim after the lunch..i even spotted something interesting from my sis..she actually looks like a penguin when she wore the swimming the swimming costume is blue in colour with some yellow..match with penguin's colour..when i told my dad and mum about this..they're like yeah..and laughed...on the way back..we had this conversation..

Me: I saw a penguin figure just now..
Sis: har??really??where??
*every1 kept quiet..suddenly my dad burst the laughter..followed by me =P*
Me: really din spot any penguin just now??
Sis: nope..*at this moment..she realised..and she laughed*..
Sis: Oh...ok..i understand already..*keep laughing*
Me: finally u get it..=P day was great..but most probably I'll PMS when i check the woks..don't know why..maybe is caused my my sub-conscious mind..


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