Wednesday, February 13, 2008

shopping mall -.-

now i know how it feels..
my last hols for cny, i felt so lazee cause i gotta work for the nex morning...
on dat day, my fren gave me a wake up
we planned to go KLCC as a gathering i can say, a 2 persons gathering..hee

klcc is always a place to be crowded, u can always c lotsa ppl there including leng zai ang moh..
yeah, dats why kitt loves goin there..
reached there by 1 :30 after a 20 mins of lrt, a
it was crowded with ppl still..i wonder why ppl like shopping, sigh..
eveer since i started my job, i started to feel dizzy and bored with shopping mall.
i always see the same ppl or same gang of ppl visit my shop, i wonder"????"

they must be rich

they must be very free after college or sch.
they r super spoilt brats.

lool...i think the third one would be da best to cover the question...
alright, back to klcc.

so we shopped for almost 2 hrs, we headed to secret recipe.."again" there r getting worse but i still like their cakes..=)
so on...we camwhored lor like what youngsters used to do in a restaurant..lool
atleast, we camwhore for a reason..hehe

i forgot to capture the freaking nice view of klcc...>.<
u know y?.
coz there were too many ang moh sitting outside with their fabulous laptop..i was so paiseh to take my outdated hp out..ahahhaha
farking shit..=.=
and i realise, ppl there use bluetooth for evrything
when my bluetooth was conencted, i got plenty of users on my search list..wat stupid name also got..
for example:
ah hao
and mobile phone models....
k..picture time.
it is more like a milo biing...i cant taste the chocolate.
tis is da better one..ahha
it is kid's meal.
kid's territory..
war..~~ of our pics.

the buildings..hehe

this is the end of tis entry..

it will be long for my nex entry i guess..hee

im xian.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chines New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

I guess everyone's pockets is filled with angpaus now. To me, this Chinese New Year really quiet especially when my dad is not around. But I guess my dad's CNY won't be bad either. He and his outstation friends bought a piggy and barbequed it. It seems cool eh..but I heard from my mum saying that they failed to make the "siew jue".

Visited the elders. Went to my grandparent's place to "bai lin" and ate the vegetarian food aka "ZaiChoi" cooked by my granny. i'll never miss it. Can say is better than my mum's (hope she's not reading this =P) Gaaawwddd it was darn good!! *thumbs up* Anyway, I didn't take much picture as we're all busy over other thing or maybe lazy. Haaaaaaaa!

My brother aka the my grandparent's place.

After that, went to my mum's cousin brother's place, or maybe some of you might know Krystie's. I don't remember things happened there except the part where my younger sister and brother faught. LoL.

Kellie and me. Cute isn't she?

The kiddos playing...

Another poser...My cousin sister.

Day before yesterday went to my neighbour's open house. Food tasted good. And all of sudden my brother wanted to take picture. Hee!..Not to mention the part where I forced him too. Ngek!

Say P-E-A-C-E!

And last but not least comes with a.........................

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!...ahhahah


Monday, February 11, 2008

my chinese new year

its so fast dat cny of 2008 has finally here with us, evry chinese are busy with their visitations and kids are always happie with tis celebration.
i think it is more cheerful than christmas , cause we gotta get money instead of pressies..lool
no lar, geeting angpau is actually the best that married adult could ever i right?
after few days of visitation, we started to count how much we get and so on..
some might even think of spending those angpau money, and rotten ppl like me had alrdy lost some of it on gamble.

it is not that im terrible, it is all about my luck and i always tell myself not to gamble coz i knew somthing like tis would happen..lool
nvm la, once in a year..haha not too bad..=P
sadly, i didnt take any pics during my i think u guys have to wait for kitt's post.
i think she got more than i do..hehe
and yah, khy performed during
congratz..and i would like to c it.. find a chance. hair
i got a new hairdo b4 cny..
it was taken on cny's eve.

first day-
dad, sis and i went to one u to catch some movies..hee

and i saw tis stage design..

its much better than pyramid's..=P


my very cute lil cousin bro..ngekk..

it was 12:30 p.m

yet, he still got the energy to play around and eat.

too cute la..

alright, lack of pictures..

mayb i could continue some nex time..hehe

cause i wanna sleep liao..=P

nite and wish evryone of you a prosperous chinese new year.



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