Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Kelly Clarkson- already gone

Phew...kinda busy, didn't really come up here and upload pics and write craps..

Busy with assignments and I started my first day to work at Maxis..
it's pretty fun as I don't realize the time fly..haha
so can pass time lar...
there are lot of things to lear n...hopefully, I'm not as blur case lor,
so tat i can catch up ;)

Once again lor, don't know how it gonna be but i think it's a way to prove to myself tat I'm actually can be independent in a way...xD

Assignments have so much to do =/
but then, still can handle...
Here by to tell u..haha
Degree for Accounting & Finance is not as free as i thought..=/

Wish me luck kay??
Mwahh u guys...

Hee...went for Sylvia + kc b'day celebration at Garden's red box..
It was indeed a great night =)

P/s: i look so so so...ugliee man..=/

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