Saturday, March 14, 2009



Eyebags alert...

not gonna sleep tonight i think~

laptop on in the sch's class room..hahaha

It's feeling quite creepy..=/

very stink here and ppl around me are sleeping like babi~~!!!

hehe..I'm the only weird one, still awake!!!

thanks god..broadband is here to help me=D


having conversation with yee en brodda..!!!

he's doing fine, good to hear tat=D

4:16 a.m

staying late still..

4:26 a.m

almost done my stuffs.

4:36 a.m


Gonna go gossip gossip..hehe



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Mmm....just back from Rasta with khy,edwin and sze thien..=D

It's been so long since we had such uber-funny talk..hahaa

But..Now i'm backed home, SESAT!!

My eyes are getting smaller, panda eyes are getting obvious>.<

i only noticed bout the panda eyes while i was having moral class, i was suffering from this DULL,BORING and USELESS lesson.REALLY UNBEARABLE!!! I was so freaking tired and sleepy till everyone wass asking me the same damn question-  " didn't u sleep last nite?" u can see, my previous entry!!

i said.." I'm sleeping now at 10 30, a record to break!!"

but doesn't really help, it doesn't keep me long enough to finish my class till 5..=/

An hr after my lunch, I really betahan ANd KO! Friends tot i was sick or sth..=.="

why nia~

so tired~

no clue, i rested early after I've been out for the day!!

it suppose to be alrite, but it doesn't i suppose~

now, my eyes are half open, trying to rearrange the infos i gotten from internet for my DAMN course work..=/

Sesat that dunno where to start and when to relax..=/

thanks god, i still got time for yumcha..if not, i will be officially a C.W-slave!!

lol..not so serious lar i know, just showing how god damn tired am i now..xD

hahaa...just tired when comes to course works..=X

owh..i forgot why m i here also..

no time to blog lar, but got time to whine here~

picture entry will be here as soon as i get my C.w done!! =)

lazeee + tired = LATE

Hee...I'm just procrastinating everything nia...


hehehe...Time to focus..=D

see ya xD


Monday, March 09, 2009

T ir eD

Freaking tired~

Feeling so exhausted as if i've been to somewhere far..

Arhhhh....Even choch can't keep me awake, feel like wanna puke when i eat it...=/

It is so not right~


Fcking tired!!

i go sleep xD


sleeping at 10:30pm, a record to break...haha =S


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