Monday, June 27, 2011


Being pessimistic?

I think i do...

it's bcoz most of my frens are telling me that, come'on stop being so negative...where's
the optimist prime?

haha...well, probably i just came from the same planet as Negatron then..

To think of transformer, i'm just so so so so so grrrr right now..

At first, i was planning to reserve the ticket sharp @ 12am for the first day screening, and i got this news saying GSC opened early booking so i try n try to book but can't and it was actually

for online i din't wait till 12am last nite for it...and today, i randomly logged in and apparently the booking is now available!!!

However, i failed to book coz it's so full and my first day screening is gone =/

It's so so so so so terribleeeeee!!! i feeling to just choke somebody!!

I was gonna be kiasu and be lanc infront of my frens if i could grab the first day screening show.
but now, i become one pathetic loser...hahaha

i still can't believe my long time plan becomes ashes now...grrr!!!

it's just so fun to play kiasu and then i can totally feel the shiok sendiri and go boast around..but
now is so no fun!

Ooopss..well back to being optimistic,

I barely know myself like seriously?
i just don't know if i'm that kind of positive human being or just a person who likes to think negatively..

honestly, i can really think a lot, more than you can imagine..
i guess it's a gift as i could really think and randomly some meaningful thoughts just pop out.
one thing bad is, i could really expand a situation to real bad time....

i can just instantly become psycho with the ability of my tiny's so funny when my frens telling me...owh, u think too much and i actually smile...(:

it is bad most of the time when i think beyond and it became so negative and yeah, here comes
me being pessimistic coz i always think with the usual situation that could possibly happen.
I'm that realistic till i only think of the bad happenings instead of something good or it's just fairy tales never come across my mind.. hee.

However, i wanna be more optimistic as i should just don't follow my feeling that often and try
to use my brain to analyze.
it is very suffering if i continue being realistic and i think of the worst which would happen..
coz i will have such mentality that i'm not gonna get through this shit and stuffs..
which is definitely not healthy for me as i ought to deal with my life..

i couldn't just blame all these unpleasant on people then i can try to escape from it...
that's not solving a single thing, therefore...i just have to be more optimistic and perhaps i could
make unpleasant a norm for in, i don't even think that something bad is that bad..
u know?

like i always complain about my mum nags as i couldn't stand it....and now im gonna try to
take it as something feel alright listening to such music..

i just wanna change the way i see things and my perspective to help myself...
who knows if i could discover something new and explore something more!!

I'm so gonna be optimist prime!!!

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