Saturday, August 04, 2007

-Are u a children lover-

when i was chubbie and cute "P

after reading kitt and jung tags...i found out
they have somthing in common, which is they r looking for one who really like kids... idea pop into my mind when i was doin ntg and staring at my laptop for few minutes..
i was
they r rather annoying...*from the bottom of my heart*..sob
is a torture to look after them as in not to let them cry or get frustrated...=(
lets c how pathetic i can be with kids...

my lovely sisda...
when she was was WAs....small..
she used to be so cute..and she is easy to handle...
eventually, i treated her lik my doll...
N now...she changed...has totally changed...
she grows taller now... think she got my dad's gene..dats y she is so freaking tall
i dont mind actually..*im short*..but one thing is...
she would come near me and ask..."jie, why are u so short? goin to reach ur height soon"
grrh....almost evry week, she does dat to bad is a kid?...would nvr noe...
Not only dat...i somehow find her pretty cruel...
when we quarrel, she can juz cry in a sec to show dat shes innocent..
dats making me crazee..

My cousin...
i noe ppl always tok bout their cousin and..bla bla bla...
but mine..yea...they are...Cute...innocent...
But....i HARDLY find a reason for their parents..
why would they juz leave their child to da older sisda or cousin sister*for example:ME* like nobody business.
so yea...i did da job lik cleaning their backside..=.=
Is it a way to train me to be motherly???
i can tell u dat..looking after kids would nvr be fun...

i did enjoy once or twice..hehe
coz..i somehow felt appreciated...=)
yea...actually it wasnt dat bad afterall..

And i remember...
i had once told myself or my bro..
that..i will nvr lik kids, unless they are mine...but mayb i shall change my mind once in a blue moon are troublesome yet innocent...

As you can C.....

i forgot bout hIS name..hehe

met him in megamall.. he is real frenlly and cute...

my sis's fren/neigbour...she loves to eat..-chubbie girl-..

hehe...she iS...ween's youngest sisda...

oh notty cousins..

playful cheang keat....

he is lovely cousin...hardly c him cry...

ya...My SisDA...pls dont tell me, she looks lik me...=D


Friday, August 03, 2007

..::My Ideal Boyfriend::..

My Ideal this what khy and xian wanted to know??well, since both of u has tagged me..takkan i so mm bei min right..=P..and now..u all may know what's my taste =]

First of what xian said, the impression is always the main point..
he must be able to dress himself smartly..=)..and not always the same colour clothes..

he needn't to be very handsome..but must be presentable of cuz..

he needn't to be very long as he can afford to pay the family..the amount of money that's enough to keep the family to avoid arguments..

he needn't to be extremely obedient..i prefer guys with guts..=p

he shouldn't be lazy..hate lazy in really lazy that kind..

he shouldn't be ego..

he shouldn't be emotional..

he shouldn't be easily jealous and gets angry easily..

he mustn't smoke..alcohol is long as he's "alert"..

he should be romantic kind of guy..extra marks for guys who plays CANON (piano) during a "special" occasion..

he should be kind and caring..

he should be alert of what i'm thinking..

he should know how to cook..

he must be the one who loves his family..especially the parent..

he must trust me..if u trust me..i'll trust u..

he must be independent..dun rely on me pls..

he must be understanding and that he will not stop me from doing something that i like..

he must be outgoing..i prefer guys that can socialise.not those act cool type..

he must be taller than me..170cm or above..and the body must be fit and proportional..yeah..

he must be older than me(11 July 1990 was my b'day)..but not too old..

he must be smarter than me..

he must be a children abusing...
he must know when is my birthday..

he preferably can play sports..

he preferably know what's technology..who doesn't?

he preferably to have sense of humour..playful can too..

he preferably to have big eyes, tan skin and broad shoulders, thick eyebrowns..haha..xian, bingo!

and Last but not least..Love and Respect me..

that's not all..but whoever fits 75% will do..haha..

i tag anyone who interested in doing this tag..


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

From khy*my ideal Boyfriend*

My ideal Boyfriend...tis is wat khy asked me to blog about dat day...
n now..he made it a tag...
well, i have no choice...i hav to do it...and oso give others a CHANCE to noe bout my taste..haha seik zhou la..."P

first of all....impression is always da main point.."P
so his appearence is greatly adding marks....
Lets see..

he needn't be very handsome..

he must be taller than me *170cm and above*

he should know how to dress smartly.

he must be slim and fit.


he must be one who loves his family very much *especially his mum*

he should be a romantic person

he must'nt be lazee

he should be outgoing..*as i love to go out*

he should be open-minded.*coz i dont want him to block me from doin sth i like..hehe*

he needn't be very rich..but atleast can afford to raise a family and my needs as well.."P

he should be soft to me.

he should have a manly character.

he shouldn't be emotional

he should know what is best for me =)

he must be older than birthday:27/2/1990


he must be a chinse and can speak mandarin and eng very well..

he'd preferably have big eyes, tan skin and broad shoulder...

Last but not least...
he must love and respect me...

erm, you needn't be 100% as i listed...i think 68% will do =)

Do leave me a msg...
coz im still single..=X
hehe...i tag kitt...wan kitt lei


Sunday, July 29, 2007

My weekend..

phew....tis week wasnt dat cool...
all we did was entering da hall and listened to those speakers from diff colleges
As u read thru kitt's post...most of them were pretty boring...juz cant get any infos from them..
sorry to Puan Pms...i have to complain...forgive me...

it was another boring day...(doin add math proj) pro in taking ppl answer and juz coopy it lik nobody business...
haha...done copy all da solutions..muahaha*im fast*
guess wat....atleast i got reminded with those formula by copying..hehe

Yea...finally, sunday...
dad told me to sleep ealier last night...coz hes bringing us(sis n me)
to attend his fren's first child lunch at MARCO POLO...
so i gotta wake up early....ealier than normal la..about 10..then..
dress myself..=.= still feel piss with my hair...
i juz cant fix it...always curl up at da bottom after it has completely dry...grrr
i wanna straighten it...*looks lik ahlian*
actually..i wanna perm my hair..hehe

k stop toking my hair..=.=
lets back to my very nice lunch at marco polo..
i dislike da old and is located in k.l....ya u noe..
i was thinking...why cant they juz move to a niceer building..

However..."dont judge a book by it's cover"
things always happen in tis way...
food there waas extreamely many...u juz cant stop *blinking* ur eyes...

haha....its a buffet meal....
variety food...*chinse western japanese asian*...juz too much to list out...
haha....too bad la...i didnt eat much...

coz..ppl there...all old old wan...i dunno u u dunno me..juz wanna finish it n ciaoz.."P

my food...

lets start da temptation...


gotta ciaoz...


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