Monday, May 11, 2009

Bye to the dead town-CURVE

Take note: all the pictures below were taken by MY BELOVED Bf
I was forced to abandon it to another guy, coz i have no money so i need to give it up so that
it can earn money for me. Sorry dear, i cant bring u home todae..=/


I feel SO Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

It's my
Iphone by da way....

i just broke up with my Iphone..
It gotta follow another guy home after this 5 days event at CURVE...

i miss it lor...during the bus moment, i gotta on my msn n play TAP TAP

i miss it lor...i can msn when i was outside yum cha-ing with other frens...=/

I miss it so much, the msn there actually helps me to spend most of my boring working hour..AHHA

the sor por

I miss TAPTAP....playing it with caely was so so so FUNNY...Now i understand why did
Rachel and her Bf acted so so so LAME the other day during Lunch at Seri Penang..!!!

TAP TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can Achieve my highest score-78,

really miss my iphone lar, but had to give it back to my agent..CRY!

people at curve really have a lotsa diffferent compare with other shopping malls...Since i've been so many places for roadshow...the curve's ppl are the most most most Susah to layan..!!

they are either too lanc or too sor hai!!

Hahaha...I spent most of my time talking to those nice nice customers to spend my time...
it was freaking bored to look for customers there...ppl love to ignore promoters..=/
felt so sad..hahah....

5 days have gone fast also lor..thanks to caely lor...she was there to work with me...
if not one to SAN or GOssip d..hahaha
also thanks to Rachel n bf came by to cakap cakap so much lame stuffs, it did help me to kill time...ya allah!!

IKEA food really really help us to SAVE!
not to say Cheap but it's reasonable nid to go mamak n spend da same amount..annoying@@
hate mamak!!!

WAt else???

nothing much d...
i miss my colleagues...only those in blck shirt one..not those green shirt guys...those green shirt male-collegues are really really =.=
only the girl are nice...hehehe..

Gonna miss Hymman+Kelly, Andrew+ an de la, Caely+ sien nah!!!
HAHA..the combinations are really nice...(inside joke)

anyhow, it was fun lar..but the roadshow was rather HHORRRIBBBLEEE!!!

not that fun...coz i always have to beri muka to those FAKERS!!
fakers who carry FAKE LV!!!...ahhaha too many of them!!!
and also sick of those MAC Supportor!!..they tot they know everything bout MAC and tot it's da coolest thing coz U.S ppl love MAC...then they cakap cakap banyak..HAHA
luckily, my knowledge are not dat poor also...still can fight back..;)

Apple + Blackberry = Blackplerry.


pool+yum cha after work...makes me feel so tired during work..
reaLLY sleepie!!

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