Wednesday, July 11, 2007

..::Birthday On Seven Eleven::..

seven eleven..july 11??'s really a great day..actually considered as the happiest birthday i've ever had in secondary really great..hehe..even unexpected ppl wished me too..what a suprise...thank you ppl..especially my dearest friend..Ah Hien and HoiLap.. hehe..thanks for the lunch at secret recipe yeah!!of course, i wont forget the
next stop--------------> [[[[Pangkor Curry Fish Head ]]...hehe..must jaga my wallet..

or ming tien..anywhere laa..but definitely not this week..hehe..bit week k??

hehe..we went to secret recipe..and we met this uncle whom i think LapXingXing admired..wakaka.. that's what i think laaa of's because when LapXingXing was talking to us..he actually curi-curi dengar what he said..8-nya..and said he said what..err..can speak hokkien huh..hahah...


First of ALL...our FOOD!
awWWww..i still can feel the FULLLLL...Our Drinks..yeah..u must be thinking "drinks also take..mou liu laaa.."loooool..and the BROWNIES!!...sad to say i cant finish it..but it tasted really great..mine is the American brownies and xian's is above mine...haha..
LOOOL...u ppl must be wondering why on earth there's only two kind of each right??and khy's 1 is i'll present LAPXINGXING~~~

No. 1..Posing for the sake of posing..

No.2 ...WOndered what was he thinking...No.3..this pic seems normal..but he felt pai seh u noe..hehhheheNo.5...Owww..finally..he Suuurrrpppp.....No.6... done..haha

No.7...his brownies!!..he ate it with fast speed u noe..surp surp surp..

Of course, the last is always save for the besT right~..hehe..prs-nya..

k..i'll present u Lau Hwee Hien and..hehe..myself?eheh

Looks like Sor Poh right??nvm la..this is the only picture...

Okay~~that's all laa..thx for the meal yeah..and coming up 1..hehehe..we'll wait for it..



malaysia's hot

makes me think of lotsa cold drinnks in kacang, cendol, etc...


durian's season runs thru these months...yu-hoo

we can find it esily...hehe....

hot weather with durian....only can be found in malaysia...other no


it is making me crazee over tis season

eventhoe some ppl find it smelly but to ppl lik me or durian lover...

they would say....Deliciousssssssss.....(tian ha deh yi bee)

durian season runs thru april and may....tis is why we could c durian stalls evrywhere especially outside those crowded places and PASAR MALAM...hehe

Of coz durian is one of my fav fruits....

yellowish flesh or pale yellow?..

fleshes with yellowish colour are nicer ...taste better..hehe

and dont choose those durian with nice shape....*dont judge a book by it's cover*

normally durians with weird/odd shapes are better product..

well...i always get to eat durian during these few months evry year...

haha...and yesterday i got to eat as much as i want...haha is like so cheap....

15 small durians only cost 20 ringgits....nice huh..

luckily i didnt get sore throat...=)

little and nice

pale yellow


excited moment...lool


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