Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Since I'm rotten at home now, I totally have time to BLoG..=)
it was so long since i last touched my blog and kesian my laptop to stored so much of photos that got no chance to see the world.

before melia come by and hon in front of my hse..hehe
i shall just post those photos up.

Went to cameron highlands with familie this yeear..and it was so ncie coz of the cozy and cooling weather thr..
been so long since i have such fresh air..ahha

the weather is cold, and even da resort i stayed at has no air cond or wtv..hehe
fun indeeed the whole trip..
coz with my dad, i gotta eat eat eat and eat throughout the whole trip ;)
tat's the advantage of goin for a trip with family =D

nothing much at cameron lar..just the amazing weather and the spectacular farms and tea gardens....

so just see the photos xD

first of all..i LOVE this charcoal steamboat...very yummie with the local
fresh veges..=)

This butterfly cute!!

mummy and me..=)

I managed to capture skilled picture too ;)

outside the tea garden

Bro wanna be gay for once ?..hee

This big big fish..

butterfly sedang makan

hee..poser here:P

I LOVE the pine tree!!

Sweet sweet daddy n mummy xD

That's all nia...
want to see more pics, i posted on facebook
tat java is working pretty for once..;)
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