Wednesday, June 03, 2009

17 again?

The new movie 17 again by Zac is gonna be on cinema soon...
meaning tat I'm gonna catch it on thursday nite..hehehe
The story sounds like Benjamin Button but it's a comedy show..definitely not as bored as Benjamin button =P

All of mind is thinking about What if i have a 2nd chance to be 17 again??

It's quite an abstract question..LOL
But wat if i was given a chance to be 2 years younger, i think I'm gonna be so happie or shud i be saD?

coz...being 17th, meaning tat i have to sit for SPM again...ouch no plss...
wear sch uniform everyday, go for assembly every monday morning, stay back for Kasturi tuition, non-stop sitting for trial exams...etc.
not so fun lor...

Cast thosenot-so-fun-things behind my mind, actually going back to high sch is wat i usually tot of..
i gotta spend time with my high sch mates, have some "mature talks" during every lesson in class with khy and all..xD
have our gamble session...
have our fighting club session..
conteng sch table whenever I'm bored....
have lunch with kitt!!
so much things to do back in high sch time....unlike now, i often have to think about wat to do and where to go after class in word lor.. "boring"

Apart from sitting for spm, being 17 was awesome..., things changed, i don't get to meet them as everybody is getting busier and everybody is heading to the new direction...

who's gonna look back and think of their frens?

i can't even keep da old pictures..sigh =x
i only got these 2 pics in my

Our prom!!...very memorable.
P/s: send me the pics if u guys still have it!!..plssss=D

It's quite nostalgic.

say hi to teik lye!!
where are u deee??

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