Saturday, May 12, 2012

Selfish idiot

I know i have long gone from here, as usual i'm back as i really need to screaaam out!!
Really feeling so terrible with ego and selfish idiots, how could they think they are so great and not taking any other people advices and comments?

I admit, i'm not the greatest person in the world and im not flawless but i whatever i tried to point out has a point, it's not like i simply point at a donkey and say its a bad donkey?
My points not taken is fine..just go ahead and be in ur wonderful life that you think it's da best for you, but don't judge what im doing is a wrong thing or tease it..
i'm doing something good with efforts not something effortless and useless...and i just wanna share and hope all ppl shall do it since it's beneficial..

If you think it's all kinda  bullshits and your fucked up life is so good, just go ahead and be in such life thinking you're the best, your job is da best, your products are the stupid!

Such a fool to be manipulate by those people and brainwash by those people and now
see what are you? u spent so much and became a worse person? 
Giving you advices is just same as feeding the flies. 

Only think about how ppl could benefits you but never thought of giving a single thing, every single motive is to care bout your own're growing at this direction, u can't turn ur head back as u're getting worse and will be worst.

Mouth is always talking how great but action can never be seen. 

Selfish humans only know hw to make themselves feel best by making ppl around
suffer. Good, humans are already born with selfishness, nw its worse...

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