Friday, July 04, 2008

SAS's Campfire

Finally I'm here to post again. Zzz..After Huixian been bugging me for weeks..xD. Anyway..I'm posting a short post on SAS campfire first..then the next post I shall give a longer one. By the way, sorry for this overdue post.

I'll let the picture do the talkings.

*Family games*

All I can say about this campfire is...their PA system sux. Well, you should be thinking "what do u expect?" when the entrance fee is FREE? And few years back..I went for this school campfire..Same thing happened..PA sux.

The junior and seniors.

Somehow I just can't feel any aura from there... The surrounding is like so dead..and HOT!!! even though the field is just next to the campfire spot. The fire.

Forgot what they were doing. Anyway, Jerrard looks cute here right?

Performances....sorry to say that la...but it's true...I didn't pay attention to it at all. Due to the PA system and "what kind of performance is that" was cycling in my mind. xD Kelana Jaya's campfire was way much better..Though they got humongous performers. =)


And I was playing with YewJin's hp and found my climbing video..OMG la the same time I find it quite cool eh. =P


All I did was camwhoring and take pictures of random stuff...

Guess what?? I ter-spot KianMin and Caely doing some cheeky stuff somewhere behind me. Both of you JEEE JEEEE laaaa....
The cheeky one. Kian Min and Caely

The seniors.

To tell u guys frankly, I don't know what to type already...I'll just continue with the pictures yeah.


Okay...that's all for this post....xD



Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Comprehensive Love.

Listening to Li Shen Jie - cha jian er guo

Something inspired me to blog about this topic...
From the past 6 months of working in SP, i have noticed something very funny yet sweet about these days' couple.
i have found out dat there is quite a number of guys dating women that are half head/ one head taller than them...IS it becoming a trend of dating, i wonder dat...
i would definately mind if im dating a guy whos much shorter than me, and i'm glad dat it wont really happen on me cause im SHORT..yeah my dear, i'm kinda proud of it now..hehe

yeah, i'm so gonna do a survey here...
pls give a comment on this topic...ehhe i don't mind u guys to spam the teaser's space..i think it nids attention though..=P

alright...think of it..

Well, i did ask one of my fren whos currently in a relationship with her bf whom slightly taller than her by few cms for 3 yrs plus i guess...
It sounds very sweet but theres always some problem in a that day she had tis conversation with me about her boy... was indeed cute and funny of wat i've heard from her...

Me: hey, hows ur bf...3 yrs nia....

She: erm....(does'nt sound happie)

Me:why?...something is not right ?...cold d?

She:I have no idea, but he didn't call me for a week and neither do i.

Me: Owh...dat doesn't sound right..><

She: yeah...I'm kinda bored with it...Shud i?

Me: Well, it is alrdy 3 yrs yet theres a prob..and wats dat?...mind to tell?

She:Erm...firstly, I actually mind about his height, i can't wear heels out with doesn't look good cause i will be taller than him once i'm with heels...and my mum does think da same...=X

Me: Gosh...i tot dats only wat ur mum think, i din know u mind...oops, its abit hard, wat will happen if u guys break?..

She: Owh...i tried b4, but he wont let i have no idea how tot fix it...

Me:lool....then u shall just tok out with him about this matter, if not u would feel guilt...><

She:I have no idea..but i would try to save it...3 yrs ain't easy..

Me: ok...nid to think properlly, do call me when u nid a listener..=)

Few Weeks Later... I saw her happily holding hand with her boy in a mall...
i think she chose to accept da fact that her boyfriend/lover is
But i'm sure 6 out of 10 women won't date someone shorter than them, assumption made by my observed result.
Now, I'm gonna tell u guys how i actually think of this issue..

First, a bf whos shorter than the gf gives others a very bad impression and he isn't that presentable..some of u might think i'm shallow but it does look far better if u bring a taller bf out to a prom,club or even a gathering...

Secondly, a shorter bf would probably can't kiss his gf in public places due to the ugly picture of the boy tiptoe-ing to kiss the girl...try picture that...i will never feel good with that scene..lool

Thirdly, I'm totally agree with my fren, heels is the soul of most woman...we are so not gonna abandon them just to date a shorter guy...hehe

Fourthly, it is kinda not comfortable to hold hand with a shorter guy...=x

However, Love could beat all these down i suppose...
Yeah, thats wat we call LOVE....

Lots love,

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