Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something Awesome.

Listening to Hitz.FM- I kissed a girl by Katy Perry
this song is super cool...*wink*

Hey there...
Since I'm super free at this time, something got into my brain after i have spent time on browsing the net and mails..hehe
Some of u might be so syok that i blog bout these pictures, but i can't find a reason for not blogging it after i came across these pictures..ahahha

Well, some of u might wonder what is it all about... before seeing those pics, promise me to stay calm after u have a look with it..ehhe
And don't give a bad comment bout me/entry...I'm still as innocent as i am..ehehe

Let me show u How i play with A-B-C...

Who says A cup is small and only pebble-like tits, no they are more than that...
I personally quite okay with A cup tits cause they look alright eventhoue it hardly go well with tight dressing...
From da nude pic above, what do u think bout A cup tits?....really Accceptable right?..ahahha
survery survey...Teaser's space pls...
*yeah..don't think dirtily*

\Still...I quite envy ppl who have B cup tits, cause they really look beautiful and Fab with any dressing..seriously, i know the pic shown slightly bigger than the exact cup..but roughly in ur mind, B cup tits are juz nice for any girl...
*yeah girls out there, do not go for palstic surgery*..ehehe

Oh welll...C cup is nice..but it is troublesome too..imagine urself run with big boobs...omg
it will look so wrong and the scene is kinda ugly..
A lot of nice clothes go well with c cup girls....envy nia..LOL

I have no comment bout tis...I can only think of Pamela Anderson when i saw tis...
omg nia..TOO HUGE.
i wonder how can a girl balance with such boobs...>.<
haha....I'm out of the misery

I know the pics are exaggerating but it does show it's purpose of teaching A-B-C...hehe
Look at tis man...i really wonder why Mariah Carey had gone for breasts implantation..
Her boobs look super fake and Full...=X

Puke...dats all i can react.

these pics are really interesting, very good explanation bout cup size..hehe
We ought to learn how to use A-B-C for fun..ehhee

NO Offence by da way..ehehe
pics courtesy of bro/sisda...LOOL

The horny one,

SEGi is my 2nd home.'s a day that i have to wake up so early juz for my LAN study... I can say it is a quite boring subject and i have no idea what is da purpose of studying that...Other that that, i spent most of my time in class dreaming..coz i really can't get wat my lecturer was trying to conduct..

My lecturer is incredibly funny and cute for a malay...hee

the sad thing is that my LAN study is conducted in BM, and dats the reason why i can't get myself into the topics...
Seriously, i have no idea what he wanted me to do for my presentation....ahh, i don't get him most of the time..><
I'm so dead... thing good bout him is that he let us home an hr earlier..LOOL i dunno whether i shud feel glad or feel unfortunate for getting such lecturer...hehe
Leaving early proves that my class ppl are fast learner..=)

So..usually on classmates leave coll for movie, they headed to ou without me tis time...u know why?...yeah if u read my previous post, u would know..ehhee

i'm super broke now...20 bucks for the rest of my days in july...ahh my fon credit is getting lesser due to my stupidity...>.<

At first, i was planing to stay late in coll for basketball, but it was raining tis morning so i spent my time in coll sleeping in my classmate's hostel...
shes a mongolian and shes hot=p
he treated me sweet of her..hee

after dat, caely's steam rose in sudden, she asked me to go ou to help her choose dresses for her fren's wedding dinner..ehee
actually i ajak her first, but it was kinda late for her reply..u owe me girl =P

Once again, i gotta experience luxurious-like journey to ou, i actually went ou by taking my coll's shuttle van..hehehe cool and in da van, theres only me and the driver...
a toyota syok sendiri..hehee

Since my van was kinda early, i gotta wait for boon to get her own transport to ou...
Gosh it was like ages of waiting man...

Window shopping is so sucky, i nvr liike doing that...I've forced to window shop while waiting for that silly boon..lool

i ended up yawnining after an hr of walking around without somone to crap....hehe
She actually reached ou after an hr plus..and i was in FOREVER 21 making turns..LOL
Since MNG was MIA in ou, we went to BLOOK to find dresses...
kitt suggested me to go there last yr..ehehe
indeed, boon bought 2 dresses from there..and the prices are really reasonable....she bought 2 dresses by paying RM138...hehee cool right?...
no discount summor..ehhee

After dat, we went eclipse to catch some nice stuffs but nothing comes right with our taste..hehe
so we stopped by MOD for heels...=P and finally boon has completeed her buying list in an hr time..hahaha shes so cincai and geng lor...but i think its good..time saver nia..=P

we left ou after a big cup of flappucino(dark mocha)..hehe nice nice..=P
money fly again.done with saving money..>.< we stopped at ss2 and walked to Paramount..ahah we had a very long conversation along the "trip"..hehe and all of sudden, CYe msged me ask me if i were goin for some talk..
After a long chat, i decided to go coz cye offered me a ride..ehhehe
thanks ya brodda..=P The talk was rather relax, we had fun and craps all the while..hahaha well, we learned somthing diff..ehehhe and cye did write down some.... Cye sent me home...
Ya end of my todae's story...

Very headache now... Presenttions and course works are coming rapidly...
I can barely breathe..hehe

Alright..sleepie though.. I wanna go take a peep of my assignments and all..
.nid to be prepared =)


with smile,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lovely Saturday.

Currently listening to "something Right" -westlife

My saturday was really fun, hang out with 3 diff gang of frens in a day...woah...quite tiring though.
After 6 months of working, i've finally backed to 17th pj for the first time...It was quite fun and
I have not really been exercising for the past few months, i had a good
Was kinda nostalgic being back in high sch...Did camwhore with YM they all..and hey YM..i'm waiting for those pics...=P

Skip the outing with khy and his fren, Edwin...coz i wanna blog bout the not goin to mention a thing here..hee...

At night..went out with caely and we did alot of camwhore in OU...ahhaa
Feel so shock sendiri there..hahah
Luckily, we were able to catch " The journey to the centre of the earth"..

whoever hasn't watch this 3D is advisable to go mid valley...
the GSC there is the only one giving 3D glasses..


This is the best movie among all i have watched in 2008...really...It is too awesome...I was so shock after da movie..lool
coz we were actually sitting 2 row from the SCREEN...Yeah " wat a place man!!!"
hehe...but we enjoyed the movie very much....very nice..=]
and guess waT?...i've watched 4 movies in 2 weeks have to stay at home and study money and no time jor....>.<
no outing...............!!! comes the pics...
All courtesy of Caely's phone...

SS moment.

We were juz too crazeee...

DIGi...Always a smarter choice.


I'm short...sigh.


I like the blackandwhite.


I'm back here to edit tis entry due to the late receive of boon's pics..ehehe

She does look more like a frog than a baboon.

Yeah...she juz changed her blog address...
do check it out-

xian's here..

College college college............ahhhh

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