Tuesday, September 25, 2007

say gd bye to summer..

the moon is shining bright tonight, kids are playing candles and lantern
it is a lovely day to gather ppl around and watch the shiny moon hanging in da sky...
ain't it great??...

haha...quite fun la..but tis tradition is fading, we hardly c ppl doin that during tis fest.
to me..mooncake fest is pretty cool.heee

1) mooncake is awesome

2) lantern is cute and fun to play with candles..burn it *wink*

3) playing candles is pretty fun.

4) chinese tea+ moon cake= enjoy

5) it reminds me of ah cee...hee

try tis...
hagen daz mooncake is dam nice...really

this is what i call temptation...=D


by da way, face book is heating up now..
if u are insterested in joining it..pls visit www.facebook.com and dont forget to addd mee and kitt..=)

Last but not Least...
happie Mid Autumn fest...=D


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