Friday, February 16, 2007


today I'm here to post up some pictures taken after sch..

1st thing 1st..let me introduce..our lovely ketua keceriaan..LOW HUI XIAN..
posing with her board..haha..yeah..posing..there's quite a no. of it but i only keep it for ourself..too bad..
closer look of the's transparent..SIMPLE and GORGEOUS..isn't it nice??and the effects from the butterflies..hehe..^^i dun think there's any classes came out with this idea b4 since long long time ago..right?..=)
this is one of the butterfly..i find it in real is nicer..the butterfly not photogenic..swt..
is she!!i dun think she noes i took this pic when she was concentrating on the board..stapling the board i guess?? my class...i noe is kinda messy..but i still prefer it compared to other classes..ngek ngek.
next, me myself..KLWAN..taking my own picture with the board as the and last but not least..both uf us =)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

lovely candlesXD
14th of feb...i think lotsa girls love tis day...^^
choclate n roses will b da selling point..right..?
my day was normal as bout ppl ere?...
i wish u all had a gud day no matter there was a valentine or not...still a special day isnt it?..

how do u think bout love n a relationship..
to ppl out there...tis is a very intresting theory which i heard from somewhere...
tis theory is toking bout a realtionship..which is juz a testing perioud lik u test da "diamond filter"...haha
u will get fresh when it juz started n u reliaze it's goods...but by the time goes on...the boy/girl will find somthng uneasy or bad bout their partner...da relationship will started to b both of them
couldnt communicate...
normally....da relationship will become a it is advise not to giv so much to ur partner in case da testing perioud doesnt bring any advantages...>.<>.<>somtime love can b in da smart way...n not da blind way...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tot of da day..

heard thru radio bout tis story..
a student asked his professor "how do u keep ur smile always..wont u get angry?"..
the professor answered wif smile "evry man get angry...its juz how he/she handles it..."
the student asked wif curious..."how?
professor:"i handle my anger wif silence,i will juz stop toking within 3 sentences when im angry...because if i tok i will say somthng dats out of my mind..n it would affect da person's feeling at da same time it would affect my image or other thngs as i choose to keep queit instead of scolding dat person...
tis is da tot of da day....
"turns anger in silence"
keep it in mind!!!...

*finally here to blog*

finally im here to blog..xian asked me too..but due to my as usual, delayed..haha..

today during history period..there's this classmate was talking about Valentine's..and pn faridah heard about it..and u noe wat she told us??she said INI MERUPAKAN HARI YANG MENYEBABKAN RAMAI BUDAK PEREMPUAN KEHILANGAN DARAH...DAN INI MERUPAKAN HARI YANG TERDAPAT RAMAI BUDAK LELAKI YANG MENGAMBIL KESEMPATAN..the source of this sentence is from an wat pn faridah told us.. :p..i was like there wondering issit only the guy who is the 1 that mengambil kesempatan??in this modern era, i dun think so offence yeah..hehe

lately, ive found out that the ILLUSION vs REALITY is really an interesting topic..example like wat fei told me..WHEN UR TALKING ON THE PHONE WITH UR GF/BF, AND UR THE ONE WHO PHONED THEM..during the conversation, the illusion part will be like HEY DARLING, I MISS U SO MUCH..I WANNA C U SO MUCH...I WONDERED WAT UR DOIN NOW..AND so on..but in fact, theIr mind actually thinking about RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5...OMG, THE PHONE BILL IS GOIN this wat actually ppl thinking nowadays??

by the way, here's the pictures taken from the citybank building in kl...din manage to take picture from the japan foundation..but at least i took the KL city scenery..

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