Thursday, March 27, 2008

A blink....

Its so damn fast that arpil is around the corner, i wonder wat have i done during these few months...
My life has been so colourless ever since i started working...sob i have changed from a very naive girl to a vert mature big girl....STOP
Its too dramatic..hehe
Alright, i shud recall back wat i have done through out these few months.

started my stupid idiot job, it made me suffer in misery for 2 months long.


Life changed after Chinese New Year..hehe
i decided to stop dat idiot job earlier, tot so i can join college soon..
it was too bad that i couldn't, dad told me dat he cant or mayb he has no money to let me study..
so, i got myself another job in pyramid..


My new job is pretty cool, my shop, my boss..all are fine..
After SPM result has released, i started to worry, wonder what to do after tis...i wasn't sure bout my path, my college, my courses and evrything i i actually cried over this thing.
Untill, bro gave my some advices, i registered a business course at SEGi college...
Oh weill, till now im still worrying about the money still afraid dat if my dad really cant give me dat amount of money, wat shud i do?..lool my head..
by da way, i think it is time for me to do what a dreamer should do..lool
which issss......still thinking..

it is boring...
kitt is watching malaysian dream girl, i find malaysian dumb can they eliminated alison, she was stunning ok?...aiiks
yah about valerie, she got big boobs i noticed...ahahaha
she shouldn't be eliminated...sigh, i quite like her..=X
Oh yeah..bout cindy, ppl say she is worse than a bitch..lool

she shud be glad that i put her on my blog.

i think she shall be da nex malaysian MOST wanted....Its true that she has the talent to act, to bitch around, to whine..these are wat an actress should possess i guess...hehe offence lar...
To me, a reality show is supposed to be like this so that it can be more dramatic and spice up the whole show ma..xD

time to show some pics...hehe
My latest camwhore pictures...

This is what girls do when they are too bored and also when there is only MIRROR and handfon with them..

lool...too skillful, thanks rachel, ur guide is very

haha.. met foo haw at SDC
we both passed da test..=D

skillful right?..=P

my eyes are so dry now..>.< is time to go...ciao ppl

with love,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My face and I.

when i was 15, i do look like a 15-year-old girl...





when im 18, ppl tot im 21...>.<>

Venue: pyramid's digi centre
Receptionist(male): What can i help u?
Me: I wanna get my replacement sim card which i alrdy made a call to the customer service to stop my line.
Receptionist: Alright, can u come back later?...
Me: owhh...sure

40 minutes later......
Receptionist: Erm..can i have your IC?
Me: prob
Receptionist: HARRRR(he actually harr)...oops..u dont look like somone who were born in 1990..
Me: Ya...expected..
Receptionist: haha...i tot u were at age 22/23
Me: What..? where got dat old...nvm
Receptionist: ok..tis is ur new sim card...
Me:...ok thanks

Venu: SEGi college
Counsellor(woman): r u?..
Me: owh..good..
Counsellor: R u diploma graduator?...applying for degree courses?
Me: what?...erm actually a spm graduator..
Counsellor: owh...u look very mature...hehe

Venue: My shop (I.candy)
Customer(male): Can i use credit card to pay?
Me: oh..sure..
Customer: So r u da boss ere, u open this boutique yourself?...
Me: not the boss here...
Customer: (very pai seh)..owwh...hehe


venue: Safety Driving Centre.

when i was taking my

Officer A: Ah moi, kamu kerja mana?

Me: Saya?...kerja?

Officer B: Dia baru finish SPM lar...

Me: Saya nampak tua ker?

Officer A/B: yah..hehe

Officer A: Ada ambil ubat tua tak?

Me: hehe,tak ada lar....(sob sob)

Isn't that sux??..ahaha
i actually loook much older than my age..ahaha
give me some tips to make myself look lik 18...haha..



Actually i wasnt planing to make this post, but somthing changed my mind...

If u did read my previous posts...u will know who gave me tis..ehhe tis neckie is meant to be with him..=)

A top from sweeet...

The lil card came along with the top...heee

a hand fon holder+clock= Usefull..from Wwj.

This body wash from miss Ah cee...hee
i like da smell..=)


the weird pyjamas?..or its a top....From Khy and Thye.

i tot of ewaring it to go for my driving test, then i realized it is actually a pyjams?..loool

with love,


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