Saturday, April 28, 2007

xian's specialities..??hehe

this girl will be suprise if she sees this..haha..this is my turn to blog about the food u cooked..

As u can see, she's about to pour something into the food..she thought that was sesame oil...but guess wat..later on she realised that it was actually vinegar..but luckily she din pour that much vinegar..if not..dunno wat taste will the food be. =P .. almost done...this is what i found from the fridge..and the results of the .. noodles soup.. issit tempting??(dun judge a shoe by it's shoelace).. overall..the food was great...and great..


Thursday, April 26, 2007


nice scene

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

--Me in form 2--

it has been a week dat we didnt post anythng ere and it seem so dead...
todae, when i was searching for pictures i found my old album..which is my form2 class photo album....2 JASmin....
it was a great yr for class was awesome wif all those jokers, nerds, and ponteng ppl... brought me gud memories...
i still rmb dat we used to study at da 5K class now and nex door was 2K(my own 5J class now) usual dat "gang" ppl always make noise and khy li was da nosiest among all..=P
i used to mix with sarah and guan...we had a stupid gang name called "butt gang"
haha stupid har...but it was very cute to us...

after years...we r form 5 now...evryone changed....but mayb some of them still remain da same...its so fast dat i came to da age dat i always wonder of....and i found out dat its not an eazy yr.

sooner or later it will become our memories and it will bond us together someday..
let the pics recall my sweet form 2...
the adorable smiles

Jade me n yanz

*edited by guan*
ah rah and ah fong

us again


Last but not

>> Hien<<


I'm back to had been quite progressive lately for me..I've start studying after a long period of stress...and guess love for accounts finally bloomed!!..ahha..feel so proud of completing those Questions..and even tuition..i get used to copy Janice's work..but after that day..i did it all by myself..and get it correct!!..anyway, life too..I've made improvement in myself...ah hien knew it..but only keep it for ourselves..k?? for her..she finally found some kind of "thing" after a long period..isn't that a happy stuff??..and yeah..we're happy these days..over something..ngek..and the level had raise..right hien??hahha

anyway, that's just a part of our happy life..recently..i've found out that AWARENESS towards friendship is very not like afraid or what..but in this modern era..who will actually treat u like a real friend??1 out of 10 only will consider u as a read not joking..TRUSTWORTHINESS is not the word in friendship anymore to most what's in their mind is actually they are using a fool..and u pay no return..what's with that man..hate to say that..but that's the fact for ppl nowadays..

haha..besides that, I've made my move..trying on what khy n hien wrote on the tissue paper(is still in proper form)..try not to disappoint u my friend..haha..and i finally listen to hien's nag (since form 1 till now)..and now i had the initiative to do

form 5 is my final year in my secondary school..unless i study form 6..*ahem* way..if that ever happen..u can c a nerdy looking Wan Kitt Lei wearing thick thick lens glasses..can u imagine looks awful..

this post is really pictures..only wording..wat to do..just some random post..haha


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