Friday, April 15, 2011

Prom Nite Glamour

Hey guys, this is an entry about my college prom night....

Which is SEGi UC!!! A prom with the theme Le RĂªve will be presented end of this year..

Of cause, to make such an amazing and beautiful night happen...we do need everybody supports!!

Support and yesh I mean SPONSORSHIP!! I do hope FOR kind advises and offers here, do drop by and comment (:

Your help will be much appreciated!! (:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Truth and it's true

when you're dating a person its like taking one long course about that person, then when you break up its like all that knowledge is wasted" -ted mosby

Based on the above statement, i wonder how many people would agree with that or it's just a painful fact...more than just agreed?

To me,
it's pretty true, it's nothing like u won't be sad after a period of time being with a person and something happened, both just had to be separated and all the memories, knowing, understanding and trust are just gone.

Pretty sad thou as human is always seeking to be better, better here is to describe
to know your partner better and sustain the relationship longer and even forever could take place..
however, emotional gets in plus all the surrounding circumstances, leaving took place...
you been spending most or ur time to figure out how this person is, how to love this person better, how to make more surprises and make this person happier...and after sometime,
that person just gotta leave you aside as he/she is no longer has faith or no longer attached with you...

It feel as if you spend most of ur time practicing law and suddenly your lecturer just tell you that
it is no longer in ur syllabus and the feeling is like..."wtf ?...i spent my time on it and it's nothing now?"
it is just like ur knowledge about law has to be gone with the wind as it's no longer applicable on this particular course.

it's the same to a r.ship...what's left is just those broken memories during b.up mixing with the past sweet memories and commitment. these memories are just memories as the knowledge being learned from the person is no longer needed coz the person is gone...

it is really sad but somethings valuable has gotta be there from gaining those knowledge....
Such as the way of handling things btw two persons and also the way to control own emotions and all..these are just priceless...
sometimes, you've gotta experience it to know how it tastes and how it helps in ur life..

heart broken, everybody has to go through it because our heart are not metal-made..
it's so fragile and yet allows us to feel and allow us to be strong...

if it's no longer in ur syllabus, try to apply the knowledge somewhere else, i bet there's something else similar to it...
feeling wasted @ that moment but to think of it, it could be better if you could just think of
it's experience and it's for ur life...from there, you could be stronger and be smarter...

P/s: stay strong and you'll be smarter (:

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