Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's been a week...
I've been non stop eating drinking and laughing with my relatives and my frens!!
Wishing CNY hasn't gone far...
but it's Chor 8 alrdy by thiss hr..=/
And the CNY mood Is gonna come to and end...My life is going back to normal
which mean i have to Go college and work alrdy!!
Aiya...Not nice lor!!!

I know my break was quite long..ahah
A week time for me to EAT DRINK for free!!! woo -hooo
haha...Angpao, blck jack and mahjong!!!

Lot pictures to come actually but not all were taken by my camera so i can't
actually upload those pics here now..
only a few from my camera =)

With my cousinz =)

With couz =)

Bro and Eileen

Its a must to HOI TOI!!!

Went all da way up to semnyih for ikan bakar and Praying!!

Money money ;)
Prosperity year..xD

Chor 6...went to wing's hse and tuck loong's hse..

Darren kam and Alwin loo;)

Long lost kawan??
Hahah..Kitt n i

Wing's mom was so good!!
she prepared lunch for us on tat day..Thanks auntie !!

Very delicious siu yok with ginger ;)

She summore fried this Special sausage and arrange it looking like a LOTUS!!
Mwahh her cooking..hehe

Hmmm..That's all lar..
so far..ehehhe
more pics will come once Alwin upload his pics!!

P/s: Quick quick alwin!!..

On Chor 7 itself, went to khy's hse warming+open

i gotta gamble after i tahan for so many days..hahaha
It was fun thr..=)
thanks khy for inviting..;)
no pics for nobody bring camera..hee

Then Chor night gotta see ppl bai tin gong ;)

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