Thursday, November 15, 2007

finally, todae is the third day of spm....i feel so release, atleast we dont have to memorise sej notes, its torturing..
its great that the time fly fast and it is making our life easier..=)
what else is better than enjoy life, so lotsa plans making rounds in my brain...
after spm...we gotta enjoy b4 we go to college..lool
by dat time, i wish the time will slow down.=D

by da way, im still crazee over prison break coz i juz cant leave it in my laptop without touching it whenever i have done dl it..hehe
the story is geeting more interesting and its damn sad that sara has gone
i quite like her wei...
lik what michael said"she was a good person"...=D


ya...i brought back a new pup from my relative last saturday..hee
hes adorable...=)

on the way home.

MAx looks innocent ere..=)


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Make sure u guys have no time to sleep during BM paper..=D
and oso have a dreamless night b4 heading to exam room..
-good luck-

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