Thursday, February 26, 2009


Currently listening to- Avril's Tomorrow u didn't


it was like walk for such long hrs with files and books..=/

Kitt..U're definitely gonna treat me for some Ho Chiak Food =)...mwahh mwahh~

Random me here..hee

Just got back from more like One u..haha

it was like my last place to go b4 i left with bus =)

sometimes, i just enjoy walking in a mall alone, taking bus alone, searching for book in libraary alone..yea basically do things alone..haha

but..pls!! I'm so not gonna try to eat alone!!..i love food and wanna share with ppl =D

N pls...

Don't ever try to comment " my lil alone time" as emo time huh..~

ahha...It was really fun thinking and seeing stuffs by ur ownself..hehe

P/s: somehow, friends can be annoying..but They are always cute and nice =)

i was quite suffering on da way home just now..=/

books n files on hand and i went ou to get something for my cousin..ouch~

it was pretty tiring coz those books are damn heavy !!

Feel like getting another pair of hand..LOL

is dat possible?...if i ever have another pair of hand, i think everyone around me should have another pair too..lool 

have to make myself look pretty normal=D


i've gottta nag a lil bit, just a lil..hehe

my course works are piling up and I seem like not sparing some time for it, how?

was i dat lazeee??..or college is making me SO FCKING LAZEEEEEEEEE.

i guesss so, too relaxing d...went coll basically for attendance and some knowledges..

nothing much..boring+lifeless life i have..=/

Indeed, I'm started to get bored with my routine d, feel like i've been wasting most of my time on movies, mall, asking where to eat, online and bla bla bla...

I need to reschedule man..Lool

" if it ever happened"..haha

well..." insaf hx insaf"..=D

and i was thinking, Can i have a 2nd 18th b'day?

hee...some old teenager here is so reluctant to be 19...bcoz she's turning 19..just As sooooooooooooon Asssss possible..>.<

gosh..sob sob..=/

A final year to say year age with the " teen" !! i might as well, just jump to 20 nex yr by ignoring that i'm actually 19th tis yr and tell everybody dat IM STILL 18 =)

Yah...i know it's pretty silly...and childish at times..Lool

but wat to do..i still have kid in me..Teeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD


Back to college..

I felt like i was backed to high sch time..haha

coz i did something STupid in da class with my classmate-BRAndon!!!

lool..Mr. Brandon is some smart ass but he just so So Soso Humble...keep saying

that " I'm Not smart, Wo shi Bendan"

Lool..we had this Debate on Econs Notes..!!

"brandon is not a bendan"

"yeah I'm a bendan"

"shi ma?..who says so"


"ni bu shi ben dan"

"Ni"--->low hui xian

Lool..basically, we conteng 15 damn pages of our notes..xD

conteng whereever there's spaces..=X

Sorry for the small

coz..i forgot to change my hp's camera setting..hee

and...I think I'm gonna change my hp..yeah~

Alrite..i gotta go la..

might as well away to rest, makan" yum yum~"

then Do Assignments!!!

If i don't do it now, i won't be able to finish it.. couz wedding is on weekend!!

Lovely couple they are=)

xoxo xD

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scream..Just scream~



girls are just so troublesome~~

Idiotic ..=/


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