Friday, February 18, 2011

Life to live

This statement keep goin round and round my mind
" everybody has a life to live "

Is it true that everybody has a different life to live and that makes the different among all the
human beings in this world?

do we have a choice to choose before we were delivered to this world from our mother's generous

We then given a life to live..what kind of life u want, how you wanna live it out and who shall u live it with?
Are these all on our control?

I hope i do have some of it on my hand so that I could just freely do what I think is right for me
and do things that I really wanna do...

Controls are seriously a scary thing...
if one lose control, worst thing will knock the door
if one is being controlled and barely move, devil will knock the door of that person's soul
if one is rationally controlling him/herself without others disagree and controls, i think that person could really see a brighter light ahead.

Why do they always wanna control?
I mean parents, they are just so worried and they do not want anything bad happen to their children, the only choice for them is to for this and no for that...
Controlling without a proper consideration and understanding of the situations are called stupidity...why???

simple fact, how does rebellious come from?
why ppl wanna rebel? its not that she doesn't have what she wants such as money foods or watsoever, it's that the freedom being granted is too limited.
why does a kid lie?...if he had gone to somewhr else that parents don't let them go, they would lie when parents ask a question about it...

Since when does the controlling lead to lies?
isn't it funny?
Parents control n to hope to see the better from their kids but somethings just have to be done
based on situation and not just blindly control like i said earlier " controlled and barely move"
it will either lead to rebellious or escape for good...

parents control but kids just dun want them to make a big fuss of what they are not allow to do,
they lied for it...the more they lie, the further they walk and some couldn't even turn their
head back..

controlling is not the best way...just like everybody has their life to live, if you control their life..
it's just lik putting a bird in the net and limiting them to expand their wings and fly.

A bird being trapped is just like a person without own thoughts and confidences...
because whatever they wanna do, they scare and they worried it would upset somebody..
also because they are really trapped and the habits of being trapped stop them from walking further when they are released from it.

Everybody has a life to live, don't catch it and keep it to ur own expectations...cause
she can't be you and you can't be her...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Change Or Stay

"They are all good man before something happened to them"

Statement taken from Gossip girl, it's a line from Blair Waldorf trying to convince her best fren
Serena to stop fixing her awful past but to start looking forward to the future with
the all time good man...which is Dan!!

she said that as all man are good before something happened and changed them. however, there
are some people who do not change to be worse even many things hit them.
they say guy like this are people who are worth spending the rest of the life with....they are
always so true and so faithful no matter what happen...

There are many guys outside who are rather emotional when something hit them and
slowly it changes them into another kind of man..
Some may even love the drinking and some would love the pleasures....
Thinking that whatever hit them are really the end of the world, so just what the hell their life..

It might help to relieve for some moments but it definitely changing a person...and yeah

just like a loyal man got dumped by a gf, emotional crashed and who knows what will happen next..
its quite true with the statement of Blair saying: They are all good before something happened to them, somebody stays good no matter how bad it is...

There are ppl willing to stay, there are ppl who like to run and go further..
Perhaps, it's time to look around which guy is actually there for sure when you need him...
time to treasure such friendship/r.ship just as who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Sometimes, changes are not all good (:

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