Monday, December 17, 2007

Night at Grand Millennium

i guess most ppl are looking for their photos from prom night in Millennium hotel..=)
everyone look wonderful on dat night, we had a very memorable night as well.
before we enter that hotel, we were stucked in dat blardy jam for almost an hr time.
then we headed in and we were so woah seeing the decoration in that hotel, design is great..=)
outside look so okok...but inside is another case...very grand..ahaha
and im sure girls do like the toilet most..=D
big mirrors in the toilet are quite wonderful and we can juz do camwhoring there without anydisturbances..=P

and of coz, evryone look great during prom night, what we do best and most at a prom night is photo taking..=P
it can prove that we actually look that good without sch uniform..=)

not to forget about alwin..hee
thx for being my wondeful date on dat night...
see the following photos to feel the prom mood again..=)


Alwin and i

thx for the rose..=)


we love WENYI.=)

me, cheang, kitt.

with the organizer

hee..pretty boyS?

my classmates..=)

vincent..tis is wat i call nice pic.=P

with catherea.


the bloody head..=P

yong looks great

i like her hair..=D


ken's skill..cant blame

hey jeremy..=)

jun hsien..

suet teng.

the durian head..

makes me think of cow and goat.

the only pic with nam hon and ai vee..=)

hee...wheres jun hsien??..


...thian hui...

florencetina and kah soon..


our table.=)
great ppl..

i look white ere..lool
hey cheeks

the coolest couple..=P

sam and ee ling...
ocne again..


with the QUeen.

before we ciao..=D


we had fun and we did enjoy it..=)

oh yah,
credits to sylvia for the dress!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Senior Camp 2007

Finally I'm here to post up something on Senior Camp 07 from 6-9 December. It was a great camp as 18++ people attended the camp. Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking. From starting to the end. For those who wants the actual size of the picture, you can ask any of the campers. =]

Day 1:

At the LRT station, that's a worst experience carrying a haversack at working hours and stuff yourself in the LRT with whole bunch of people.

In the bus...Pasar Seni, we boarded from there to Templer's Park.
Finally we reached the campsite after more than 2km walk as the bus ter-passed the destination...
Still working..Look at Secky...erecting... =p
Work till YongMing yawned badly..................
Girls always have something in mind...which is to take pictures!
Alwin's white shirt turns how to describe... what's AhHoo doing down there?
Time to sleep...Lights off for day 1.
Day 2 (Chee Kong's Birthday) :
Woke up early in the morning..some continue their work...and some...continue slacking...
Football...right..=.= by hand.
It has been a great slack as we played the Mafias' game which we have a great Game Master Florence with her "bloody night". =]

Us building the cloths hanger...
from nowhere....this two came and built a stretcher building.
night time...which is the opening ceremony...
around 1am ++, everyone in their dream time...
I'm not pretty sure with this, but the fire failed to raise high up..
Day 3 :
The gays .
Everyone preparing for Malam kebudayaan (MK)..right..should be taking pictures..Hee!
Emcee of the night...or Logistics guy CheeKong!..and the scouter LimVincent.
During MK...............
They(Stickman Patrol) sang the song "Gimme More" by Britney Spears..It's pretty funny so see them sing..especially the Part Gimme gimme more..gimme gimme....
Our patrol ( Cincai Crush)...sang Candy Shop by 50 cents..I can't believe we sang it pretty disgusted..the lyrics..eiu..especially the part where WeeKiat and Alwin sang the verse...*puke*..geli-nya..
the DKNY! Don't Know Anything Yet!...guess what they sang? haha..I'm a slave for you...imagine Victoria singing that song!...Haha!
Prizing Ceremony:
Forgotten what's the award..Secky!
Most delicious partner meal award..(something like that)...
Alwin and Kevin with the FQM, Caely.
most Burstable award..
Cow Cow (Huey-Ee).
The macho award.
Haha...don't judge a book by its cover..our MACHO guy of the camp.
Most beautiful award.
..sorry EeLing..this is the only picture I've got..ahha
The on earth is CheeKong behind us? =]
Most Handsome award.
Best Troop Leader.
Lovable award... I see....
Sir Vincent.
We should thanks to this Emcee for the night.
Cheeks the CCK.
Our patrol won the singing competition..cos of it's disgust..ahha
He's changing into the T-shirt won by us. hee!
All of us.
We are smart to cover the guys...
here we have the burstable husband and wife!...YongMing and cowcow..
That's how we ended the night...with edelwiess and Taps.
Day 4:
I don't have any pictures on the cleaning up campsite..but there's some at the McD KL.
I still wonder what's so fun about that game...

Last picture of the camp! Pasar Seni LRT station. End.


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