Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Have you ever wondered if there is a chance for you to change, what would you like yourself to be? Change as in changing into another type of person in the sense of
attitude, dressing, thinking and etc. Change can also describe as in something you did not handle well, and you wanna make a change of it.

I couldn't help myself from not thinking of this..
What if I was always given a chance to change myself, but i failed to do it?
Like the saying, we make decisions every single day...
If we did make a right choice, it will be a good thing for sure..
but what if we accidentally make a huge mistake by making some bad decision?
things gonna be so different.
We aren't getting a chance to rewind everything and do it all over again..
cause after all, time machine just doesn't exist. back to the topic CHANGE?
yeah..can we change what we have done and make it better?
is that possible??
Let's say you have said something terribly hurtful in front of your friend,
and for that very moment, you just didn't feel Sorry at all...
but after the whole thing, you found yourself being ridiculous to did such thing..
Here comes the question...
would you wanna change the bad situation by saying " I'm Sorry" regardless of
who did wrong.

Not everybody would have the guts to say " I'm Sorry" or admit their wrong
by doing some good deeds.

We actually given thousands of chances to make the best out of ourselves..
It's rather to change or not to change !
Change to see thing in another perspective and try to understand other people?
Change to be more generous, try to accept what people think?
Change to be less ego?

However, chance given not accepted.
We tend to ignore them, cause we are comfortable with who we are..
Until some extend that we might consider about changing..will that be too late?

Too late as in, those mistakes we have done are piled up and those shits are not
easy to clean..
What should we do then?
Should we just sit and SIGH, blaming ourselves that.."It's my fault, i should have seen it's coming"
Many of us do that, even our parents...
So..after everything, we are living in blames and lies...
cause we just refuse to change to make things better.

Well..if we could change our bad attitude like how we change our clothes everyday,
the world can be more idealistic and peaceful.

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