Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Currently listening to Parachute's she's love

Hmmm..Guess what I'm doing??
No doubt, I'm now facing my toshi and trying to study but I'm failing it la!!
I keep getting distracted :D
So..I just come here and blog? :)

Beeen very good girl lately coz i study alot !!
exam is so near, so i just have to find some places to sit my ass down and read!

Welll..somehow it is not as efficient to sit @ mcd or coffee shop but i think i do face my toshi
lesser by that =)

Was with Pei san, julia and cb tong @ MCD the whole day on monday
trying hard to study @ mcd but ended up sabai more..haha
Bcoz of that, i took 4 cups of coffeee!!! making me emo emo emo @ night coz i couldn't sleep
Lol..I macam quite drunk as i can't sleep, i use my fon n on9 and got headache with it..
and slowly, i went to sleep @ 5am..while i was trying to sleep since 3am..=/

LEsson learned..

then the nex day,
i went T.c mall and look for Jasper with caely..
went the mainly to study also....
this time, i won't order coffee again so i did go for sour sop + guava @ JAsper's work place-
BOBALICIOUS!!! the name sounded like "BOOMBAlicious"
I lurve the drinks..

however, i sit there the whole afternoon, i didn't really do much studies, just did 2 main Qs of
Accounting and then went to the face shop and try out their nail polish=.=

slowly slowly, Caely and I ended up @ GSC for Ip man :)
Awww...watching it for the 2nd time...but it's still damn nice!! *lurve*

Well..met my high sch fren in the cinema summore..
there's a girl laughing so loud bside me for like an hr, i din realize it was my fren till
i turn to her direction then i whispered to caely and said : i think my fren is sitting bside me, is that hui man?
Lol..then caely go take a peep @ her and say...100% yes! =.=

And now I'm backed to stoner me!!
stonning in front of toshi and webbie-ing pei pei!!
she is probably wondering why m i stonnning now...=D

Okaiee...i dah whining!!
now back to study mode (:

P/s: I'm wearing my superhero shirt and I ain't feeling any energy coming to me =/

i went purple the other day (:
taken after sushi zanmai and pektong steamboat :D
P/s: thanks Felix baby for this ..(:

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