Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camwhored my day=P

Westlife- i wanna grow old with you.

Since we serve nuffnang, we shall be more hardworking than those days...=P
i have no idea what kitt is up to, she seems super duper busy untill she cant get her pretty ass stick with her square chair to type something here...
i'm waiting for ur update, kitt...

Well, i think most of u know im so broke tis month, my fon credit has reached -ve value again..how pathetic!!!
thansk to a kind fren of mine...hehe thanks for transfering...

Guess wat?... i broke my record by staying at home 3 days straight, it was quite tough for me...
i spent my time day dreaming at home, surfing the net for nuthing...
I dont know why u guys like to stay at home coz u guys got to sleep?? yea..dats good but after da sleeping hrs, i will be like a useless zombie walking around my hse and stay in da hse for the whole long day, coz zombie cant expose to the sun...>.<
Alright...So on sunday noon, before i went out with my parents, i had this lil camwhore session with my cute doggies...they are juz too adorable..=P Dont ask me why i camwhore so much, thou shall ask miss Kitt lei...she influenced me to do so.. dont forget shes a camwhore genius now...*Don't deny it, my dear..=P*

yah...time to c my products..=D

I've no idea what was my cash thinking..
In facts, he is actually the most innocent dog that i could ever have.

Time to show u Bobby...
it is nice to hug him...*fluffy fluffy*

He was soo lazee to get up...

On the way to my aunt's hse...
we took some pics..=p

My sis and I..
We don't really look alike right?

Last but not least...
the one with the camera...=P

Ending quote from Sex and the City---->

In the heart of the city,
There's a world of possibilities.
Some things end...
Some things begin...
And some things...
Never change.
doesn't always turn out
To be your fantasy.
That's why you need friendships
That are real to get you through it all.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Super Hero

There are plenty of superhero movies shown in cinema btw yr 2006-2008...
I barely watched movies that are not related to superhero in cinema for my past 2 years...
Is it becoming a trend now?
There is limited scripts that could be chosen for movie.

I've no idea about that, but one thing that I can pretty sure is that I started to get bored with superhero movies, those plots seem the same to me now...
From spider man-fantastic 4-ironman-incredible hulk-The dark knight-mummy....Ahh, i don't think i'm goin to catch the dark knight in cinema untill my head is fresh and refillable by heroes..hahaha

Can't deny that we always expect handsome heroes in evry superhero movie, but spiderman broke the recor becoz Tobey maguire has that nerdy look that make me puke when he acted in spiderman 1. Slowly, he has become more presentable with his clean and decent look...Lool

this is the best dat i can find.

Next is..
Fantastic 4...
Jessica Alba is smoking hot as always, haha but how bout the elastic man in the movie??
Loan Gruffudd is exactly the kind of person that was described in the story, he looks very very decent..that's good isn't it?

..but imagine if that movie has no Chris Evans as the human torch, i don't think it would be nice afterall..hahaha
He looked amazing in the movie...hotzzzzzzzzzzzzz =D

Look at his muscles...wow!!

Coming up is...
I love this movie very much, the story line is slightly different from the other superhero movies but the focus point was on the main actor..
Robert Downey, i really like his character in that movie, he is so freaking awesome and quite impressed with his funny attitude..hee..

too old here ..><

Since i haven't watched "the dark knight", i think i shall stop with incredible hulk..^^
Well, hulk if very impressive..i like the man without the green costume..ahhaha
Edward Norton acted as Bruce....he is the most handsome among all superhero movies..ahahha
Can u see mystery in his eyes?..=X

Liv Tyler as Betty from incredible hulk is so freaking gorgepus..and some ppl might not know that she is the daughter of the lead singer of the band "Aerosmith" (steven tyler)...Can u believe it?
i used to laugh at steven tyler's big mouth..kekeke



I think thts all i can comment...phew...
Tired and sleepie d, i dont think i can finish my kungfu panda tonight..><


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